Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Elected Presidency and the Candidates. BAH!!!!

What a load of crap from the PE candidates during the TOC circus. Most of the audience, an attempt to have a cross-section of Singapore presumably, and half the candidates don't know fuck about what the president can do or not based on the constitution. (To be honest though, some of the usual suspects in the audience asked good informed and relevant questions). With that drunken cocktail of political ignorance and optimistic naivety, vote extortion and candidates' self-righteousness, it is a splendid formula for a SNL skit when TOC uploaded their videos for all to gawk, clasp hands in idol worship or facepalm last weekend.

Tan Cheng Bock was clueless, kept repeating himself. He said some good points, like his past record and he dared to say what he felt he had to say for the good of Singaporeans, but enough already as he kept saying them over and over again. Yeah, I don't doubt his grandfatherly patronising sincerity, but he sounded like a chauvinist pig and that joke about wives asking their husband's permission to enter politics is so going to hit  him like a rolling pin into his balls by the women voters. His idea of the annual report from the Istana is nice nonetheless and raises the bar. Still, saying his name TCB makes me giggle though.. kekeke CB! The CB for president!!!

Tan Jee Say was a bloody joke since he got soooo upset sooo easily because Tony Tan the PAP puppet challenged Tan Jee Say about the latter's reference to political detention during the Marxist conspiracy and got all hissy when his understanding of English was challenged. He got angry... because of a puppet! Tsktsk How can he represent Singapore as the head of state if he loses his temper at the slightest of prods? Also, what is his horseshit about moral authority the president? Screw you don't act God. TJS, you think what? The president is like the Ayatollah? The president is the head of fucking state in our parliamentary system, like the Queen of England, not a fucking backdoor into parliament and a chance to behave like the alternative PM! WTF, he and his gang of 4 lost Holland and now they want to take over Singapore! Ahem. Talking about fucking backdoors and also this moral authority crap, he is going to allow gay sex. Now how is he going to sell that moral authority hypocrisy to the religious folks out there? Is he going to wag his finger at the mufti or the bishop to stick that gayphobia up their arse?

Tony Tan was smooth in his responses, deferring to parliament of the day the difficult decisions. Spineless pussy! Don't vote him! Clear to everybody who has half a brain that he acts as if he is running for a GE rather than the EP - his answers were full of slick and empty of sincerity if you ask me. Fuck, don't need to ask, me I tell you! He is a PAP man, and everyone in the audience assumed that he was part of the cabinet even if he is made a president. Himself too! He got it right though that the president can yak and wave his arms all he wants as long as it is within the confines of the constitution. Something that SDP man Tan Jee Say didn't get.

Tan Kin Lian, the poor guy trying to connect and be the voice of the people. He made a good pitch that he is neutral and non-partisan. He could have rode on that non-party agenda as an agenda all the way to the Istana except that he was fairly ignorant of issues other than insurance and investment. He had a good angle but he didn't have the intellect to follow it through e.g. He gave lousy answers on 377A as he didn't know what it was. Besides, he can't speak properly and he looked like an ah chek from the kopitiam across the road giving high-5 to anybody.

When 27 August comes, do your bit for democracy. Spoil your vote. Take that piece of paper and write fuck you mr president outside the boxes. Wait you write inside the box and they think it is a vote cast for one of the Tans.  Workers' Party got it right all along, in a way. The EP is full of shit and true power (not fucking moral power) should be held in parliament. Not by an Istana grandpa, or Istana grandma as the feminists in the audience hoped.