Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kovan Murder Wheels Within Wheels

OK first, congrats to the police for catching the murderer. Although the guy did manage to escape to Malaysia first and enjoy a Ramli burger at Danga Bay, his last meal as a free man. He escaped north like Mas Selamat and One-eye Dragon, and Malaysians helped us catch our fugitives. We better let our neighbour win football the next few rounds otherwise they really won't help us anymore. The lesson is that if you want to whack someone, have your passport ready and your car filled with tank more than 3/4 full, do the job, quickly go onto PIE (towards Tuas) and all is steady. Until Malaysian police pounces on you over there as they do  not want to give the impression that Singapore's fugitives can treat their country as sanctuary.

If Singaporeans can't even return their own food trays in food courts, don't expect them to call 999 about a tip off. The Toyota Camry abandoned was seen at Eunos but was not reported to the police until the next day. So maybe the police could have caught the suspect sooner in Singapore rather than wait for extradition. Hmmm No Stomper in Eunos then as at least it would have appeared in Stomp. Anyway, no time for What Ifs.

But there is time for What Is. Then we realise that the suspect in the murders is a policeman, a SSG. WTF So it was a case of a dirty cop? From sex scandals and corruption, now mata murderer - the damage to the reputation of our Home Team that we can get fucked by someone who should keep us safe? Then NST reported last night after the Malaysians nabbed him but before it was public, if it is true, that the murderer was a gay partner of one of those killed! Angry pink dot killer mata! So don't fuck with them, they can really fuck you bad back like driving off and dragging you under the car.

HIGH ALERT: Man wanted for double killings entered Johor
13 July 2013| last updated at 01:00AM
 JOHOR BARU: A 34-YEAR-OLD Singaporean man wanted for   double murder  in the island republic is believed to have fled across the causeway to escape the authorities.

It is learnt that the suspect can shed light into the high-profile murder of a senior citizen and his son on Wednesday.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) confirmed that the suspect had entered Johor through the Woodlands checkpoint at 11.17pm on the day of the incident.

Cameras at the Immigration and Customs Authority checkpoint recorded the suspect riding a scooter and exiting the checkpoint en route to here.

The SPF released the suspect's profile and, through Interpol, requested that Johor police put the suspect on a "stop list".

The request to Malaysian and Johor police came from SPF's criminal investigations department assistant director (major crime) Adrian Quek Sei Wei.

A source familiar with the request said all active duty police personnel in Johor were alerted on the all-points bulletin on Thursday, before being briefed about the suspect's particulars and his vehicle.

"Police have been asked to inform the Johor police contingent's serious crimes unit or the Interpol liaison office here if they come across the suspect," the source told the New Straits Times yesterday.

Johor police chief Datuk Mokhtar Shariff said police would act within the powers of the law to apprehend the suspect and return him to Singapore.

"The Johor police have always cooperated in the interest of justice with our counterparts in Singapore," he said yesterday.

The SPF had received a call at 4.16pm on Wednesday after the body of Tan Chee Heong, 42, was found in front of the Koven MRT station.

Chee Heong's death was initially believed to have been because of a traffic accident, before investigators learnt that he may had been tied underneath a car and dragged for about one kilometre before his body got untangled from the vehicle.

Investigations led police to Chee Heong's house at 14J Hillside Drive in Hougang, where his father, Tan Boon Sin, 67, was found dead with multiple slash wounds and a slit throat.

Investigations revealed that both victims were at home when the murders took place.

The SPF also identified the silver Toyota Camry involved in the case, which was later found abandoned in nearby Eunos.

An SPF source revealed that that the suspect was believed to be romantically involved with Chee Heong and the motive behind the murder could be revenge.

"The SPF is not ruling out the possibility that this may be a crime of passion."

Police are keen to contact Singaporean Iskandar Rahmat (Singapore national registration identity card number S790436A) to assist in investigations.

He is believed to be riding a green Vespa.


  1. Erm, gay mata and gay Ah Sia Kia bondage, got spotted by senior and hell broke loose?!

  2. I think you should make your first sentence clear by adding the word "Malaysian" before the word "police".

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