Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Todds Sabo-ed by their Own Expert Dr Adelstein

The Todds relied on 2 irritating we-are-US-therefore-better backing at first to prove that their son Shane Todd was murdered. Murdered by whom? The Todds were saying, the Tiongs, as Shane was working in a secret project with Huawei, the big evil Chinese corporation. O RLY?

The sibeh super secret modem-hand chicken maker Huawei project Shane Todd was working on... shhhhhh secret hor

First the Todds said that the hard drives Shane had were tampered with and FBI would back them up. Then the FBI checked and said that they were not tampered with. Todds has nothing to say except that their son was still murdered. <Shake head> Our Mata no credibility and need endorsement from FBI. Mata better make more CLIF shows with Mediacorp to boost street cred. Where is Inspector Mike Chin and SGT Alan Leong? LOL

Second, the Todds relied on one Dr Adelstein who said that Shane was strangled to death by a hitman with a cord, like in movies.Then during a court 'live' interview, although he is safe in the US, Dr Adelstein backtracked and said Shane was not garrotted because 2 more reputable US pathologists already disagreed with the garrote conspiracy theory. Ooops. However not to lose face, the good doctor <cough cough> charlatan, said that Shane was murdered. Must have been the same uncaught gunman from the grassy knoll who did it! Seriously, if there was a conspiracy, it was the CIA who killed him as Shane was working for the Tiongs and would have returned to the US to spy! BTW that's another retarded wild story befitting of a new Fox 24 series.

The whole court drama is one simply about the Todds cannot get over it that their son CMI and want to blame someone. First it was the Tiongs who killed Shane, then Mata who could not find evidence, now Court and Singapore for a cover-up. When would they blame their own friends and others like Dr Adelstein who urged them to further levels of self-denial and sorrow?

Expert witness retracts opinion that Shane Todd was garrotted

SINGAPORE: The medical examiner engaged by the family of American researcher Shane Todd has retracted his initial opinion that the 31-year-old was garrotted.

Giving his evidence on Tuesday over video-link from the US, Dr Edward Adelstein said he agreed with four other forensic pathologists that Dr Todd was not garrotted - which is strangulation with a cord or wire - as there were no signs of any internal neck injury.

This came after he reviewed more information he received from Dr Todd's family a few days ago. Dr Adelstein had based his initial findings on the autopsy report and photographs of Dr Todd at his wake.

Dr Adelstein added however, that he still believes Dr Todd's death to be a homicide.

When questioned by Senior Counsel Isaac Tan as to what caused Dr Todd's death, Dr Adelstein suggested that he could have died from a taser or from a carotid armlock or a neck chokehold - but admitted he did not have medical evidence and could not know for sure.

Dr Adelstein added that he believes that Dr Todd was already dead when he was "strung up with the ligature around his neck".

He confirmed however, that he was not a certified forensic pathologist.

The Todd family walked out of the subordinate courtroom shortly after the afternoon session began.

They said a witness, who allegedly saw Dr Todd the day before he was found hanged, has been sprung on them by surprise and they did not have time to prepare for his evidence.

They have asked for his evidence to be adjourned till Wednesday, but the witness - Luis Alejandro Andro Montes - is due to leave Singapore on Tuesday evening.

The Todds told reporters they have not decided if they will attend the remainder of the inquiry.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

WP and PAP, FMSS and AIM, Who Cornering Whom?

Oh oh did PAP anyhow count to anyhow whack WP?

"MND’s latest response of 14 May 2013 claims that our media release earlier that day showing that the increase was only 4.16% gave an incomplete picture. MND stated that they compute the MA rate by dividing the MA tender rate by the total number of residential and commercial units. However, even adopting MND’s methodology of including both residential and commercial units, we find that the rate difference should only be 4.55% and not 20%"
WP Statement

First PAP bring up FMSS say it lacks corporate governance. Hey AIM also like lack corporate governance? Then PAP said FMSS created without tender. Hey but AIM was PAP's scorched earth policy and FMSS was urgently set up to prevent that, to protect residents? Then PAP said FMSS was filled with WP supporters? Hey isn't AIM made up of PAP members?

Now the last straw, PAP then claimed WP's managing agent's rate 20% more than before but WP said they calculated left, right, centre, inside, outside also at most, the increase is 4.55%, understanding that FMSS does not enjoy the economies of scale compared to CPG? Facepalm.

The only thing that PAP made sense is that town councils are political. Let's not kid ourselves.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Idiot Parade: Zainudin, Lina, 21 Malaysians, Jolovan

Lots of idiots parading in front of us this past week. Firstly, it was Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC MP "gang rape is democracy" man. Facepalm. And we thought "blood will be shed" Vivian Balakrishnan or "I don't know what to say" Tin Pei Ling were bad. OK so what if Zainudin was quoted out of context. That is the game right? If it is too hot, stay out of the kitchen! Well, talking about kitchen, Aunty Lina Chiam who lost Potong Pasir the last time should stay in the kitchen and not wear the pants and try politics. Oops am I sexist? She tried to hit Zainudin with a frying pan in her SPP statement because the PAP MP made the gang rape mobocracy quote. In the end she slipped and fell on her fat ass as she didn't understand what the hell was happening and thought that Zainudin condoned rape culture. LOL Let's boot out idiots Zainudin and Lina next election PLEASE!

Then there were the Malaysian protestors at Merlion. WTF instead of protesting outside the Malaysian High Commission or take a bus to JB to protest at City Square since that is Malaysian problem right? No, they too lazy to go Malaysia JB and want to protest somewhere in central Singapore instead. There was an earlier protest where 9 were warned. Then others didn't get the message and protested at Merlion on Saturday. Police cannot take it that these Malaysians cannot get the hint, so had to arrest 21 from this second protest next! Since the 9 inspired whether they intended or not, these 9 would probably be sent home now, and the 21 would be jailed and/or fined and then sent home. Too bad for the employers who hired these 20, have to hire other Malaysians instead.

Anyway, I don't care and it is good entertainment, more fun than what 6.9 protest at Hong Lim park by that Gilbert guy. Still, PRC workers strike, Malaysians protest, what next? Bangla flash mob? LOL wait, I better not laugh, it might happen!

Then Jolovan Wham is back again at Speakers Corner. First he showed solidarity with PRC drivers who went on strike. Now he showed solidarity with Malaysians who protest. What is his infatuation with foreigners breaking laws? Wasn't it reported before he went to Hong Kong and asked Hongkies to protest to help the Tiong workers who got arrested for the strike here? He really likes foreigners who play hardass and resist!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Polys Are Jewels, Real or Bluff?

Polys are now different from before. Years ago when porn meant smuggling in Penthouse magazines from overseas instead of just surfing for it on your LTE phone, polys were meant for those who could not make it into JCs. Polys were for those who cannot make it academically and were to be drafted into the technical skills-based blue-collared workforce. JC was the path into local universities and that was it.

Nowadays, the demographics of poly students is more varied. More of the O level students if they know what industry they want to end up in life, chose to go into polys. So as to get a head start on the practical aspects of their preferred industry, even though they could make it into a branded JC. Polys were also how less stellar students hedged their career crossroads, they get a diploma first and if they really cut it academically, can then go to university overseas if they have papamama scholarhsip. They can even get into the local unis if they are top what, 10% in their cohort, despite NUS saying that this quota is an urban legend. Disadvantaged compared to JC students still. How many president scholars are from polys BTW?

The new LKC medicine school in NTU is interviewing prospective students from polys and JCs. How many do you think would be from polys? In NUS, how many poly grads are admitted into law and medicine school? In fact, how many poly grads apply for and are enrolled in NTU and NUS compared to JC students? Nonetheless, the new Singapore Institute of Technology and Singapore University of Technology and Design seems like it would be much more open to poly grads than JC kids, so there's that too.

Polys are more relevant as a stepping stone tertiary education system with the 2 technical unis in the horizon. They still roll out grads with applied and ready skills for the industries. The grads however don't get paid as much as uni grads, although as tertiary grads they are paid better than A level and vocational ITE grads. BTW that's why poly kids such suck it up about their lack of transport concession as tertiary students stop comparing with JC students about cheaper bus or train fares. Back to the topic, with entry pay as the yardstick, polys grads are important, but they are not as valued as much as uni grads by employers. Polys are jewels in the education system, yes, but...

Polytechnics a ‘jewel’ in Singapore’s education system: PM
By Saifulbahri Ismail

SINGAPORE — While some polytechnic graduates may see their time at the institutions as the basis from which to upgrade themselves educationally and in their careers, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said they need not see a degree as the only avenue up, as he affirmed the role of polytechnics yesterday.

Speaking at Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s (NP) 50th anniversary dinner, Mr Lee called polytechnics a “jewel” in Singapore’s education system that offer a “first-rate” tertiary education for their students.

“They are high quality, practice-oriented technical training for jobs. They lay a solid academic foundation, especially in technical subjects in Maths and Science, for those who go on to further their studies,” Mr Lee said.

Those who choose to get a degree should not do so just to gain a paper qualification, but because of their interest in the subject and relevance to their future plans, he said, pointing to the diversity of NP’s Alumni Award winners, which shows that many other “good options” are available, such as working for a few years or starting a business.

These options allow graduates to gain experience and understand themselves better, and such life lessons will complement their education and help them go further in life, he added.

Mr Lee also reiterated the need to prepare students for the future as it makes a critical transition “amid a fast-changing and uncertain world”, and said the Government will continue to strengthen the polytechnic sector to ensure it continues to produce graduates with a wide range of skills.

In addition, he commended NP for developing in tandem with Singapore’s progress, first by offering diploma programmes in response to demand from industry as Singapore’s economy took off, and then expanding its role with a focus on hands-on, industry-oriented training, into a “vibrant” tertiary educational institution.

NP yesterday launched its fourth Strategic Plan, which aims to forge a closer nexus with industry.

As part of new initiatives, polytechnic students will form multidisciplinary teams while on attachments.

Ms Jeanne Liew, Registrar and Senior Director at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, said: “It could be, for example, engineering and business students coming together because engineering problems today may not just be engineering problems, it could be things like the business model, it could be marketing, it could be also the design of the product.”

NP will also introduce more overseas programmes to broaden students’ perspectives.

Friday, May 3, 2013

May Day! May Day! Gilbert Shouts

Why do loser parents ask their kids to hold placards? For sympathy? Act cute? Tsk tsk human shield?

Who the fuck is this guy Gilbert Goh? From Australia, unemployed, not liked even by some activists, party hopper from Reform Party then to National Solidarity Party, and from the patronage he got from SDP, he might join SDP soon. Or maybe not. Vincent from SDP pulled out from the May Day event - is it because he suddenly realised that Gilbert Goh is a political lead weight around his neck that would pull his SDP down? The smart guy who have noticed that all this while, WP have distanced themselves from Gilbert. WP knows its shit.

Another guy who backed out was Nizam Ismail. I never heard of him before and must have been the token Malay to speak at the event. He pulled out from the May Day event and left poor Gilbert swinging.  WTF, that's what politics is, grow up and grow some balls. First say want to whack the government, and then after a while backed down? Hey, did that apply to Vincent too?

The only good outcome of the event was that Speakers Corner can be a lively place and peaceful protests is not an oxymoron. Never mind that many there were many motley groups of disgruntled people e.g. people in their 40s who claimed foreigners took their jobs and never understood that people in 40s lose their jobs every time as they are more expensive and less productive, not because foreigners stole their jobs. 

In fact, more peaceful protests at Speakers Corner please! Don't let Pink Dot dominate or let Speakers Corner be wasted by Mad Ravi booking a Saturday and then end up hugging and molesting a Hong Lim Park tree. I'm happily looking for more protests by Gilbert - it is like an entertaining retard circus of whining Singaporeans who only complain and don't realise that foreigners are needed in Singapore and all that matters for us to welcome them into our arms, besides the Vietnam and Tiong XMM at health centres, is better infrastructure to manage the numbers.


This retard is back with the same sign! He is persistent!