Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Police Going Anal on Party

Is the cosplay nun on the right a midget? I want...!

What is the big deal about cosplay nun theme night? Well, a lot! Singapore is made up of prudes, and from the sound of it, we might need a moral police!

I have Christian friends who find this whole sexy nun party amusing, amongst them Catholics who are secure enough about their faith and think that it is of course irreverently funny but that is to be expected in secular Singapore. The organisers, Creative Insurgence, also got a big publicity and rebel image for their next big event. Controversy is good. Besides, Christians in general would bear the brunt of a negative PR campaign by the gleeful monotheism-bashers - yeah probably they same guys who bash Islam as well on other days.

The police should not waste their time waving the cane threateningly at the party organisers. A sharp word if any at all, and move on. The time is better spent hounding loansharks and their runners. Keep your eye on the ball Mr Police.

Police to probe 'Chapel Party' incident

The police are investigating the 'Chapel Party' incident which caused an uproar this week due to the provocative images used to promote it

In a statement released to the media, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) noted that the event had been cancelled but said investigations will be conducted as a police report has been made against the organisers for putting up insensitive advertisements that could

It said that if the event had been carried out as originally publicised, the organiser could also have breached one of the conditions of its licence and be liable for sanction.

Its licence could also be revoked.

"While organisers can be creative in organizing events, there is no excuse for breaking the law, or for insulting or denigrating any racial group or religion in Singapore.

"MHA does not condone any behavior that denigrates any religion in Singapore. Mutual respect, tolerance and restraint are critical to maintaining communal peace and harmony in our multi-ethnic, multi-religious society," the statement said.

The organisers had used an image of two young women dressed in skimpy nun-like habits. While habits normally cover the whole leg, the outfits the women wore were shorter than mid-thigh length.

It was posted on the Facebook page of 'Escape Chapel Party', with the caption "A sneak peek at what some of our girls will be wearing on the 7th of April."

The page also featured an event poster, with a woman also dressed in a habit-like outfit.

The page was set up two to three weeks ago by events organiser Creative Insurgence. The party is organised by the company and Escape, a club from Swansea in Britain.

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