Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vellama and Ravi Lose Case, Yet Win, Donation Where

Playback - cuckoo lawyer M Ravi instigated Mdm Vellama to take on a court case against PAP that a Hougang by-election should be held within 3 months after WP Hougang MP Yaw bugged out. Mdm Vellama, a Hougang resident, is a part-time cleaner and face it, is not the shrewdest political watcher around and she was just Ravi's puppet. A Hougang resident taxi driver or a Hougang kopitiam Tiger-drinking ah pek is more apt as a political pundit than Mdm Vellama.

The court squashed Ravi and Mdm Vellama's case as expected as the constitution is explicit that there is no fixed by-election deadline which means the PM can drag it out to a time which suits his political playbook. We all then know that Ravi and Mdm Vellama are proper fucked, as AGC wanted to make them foot the legal bill. Losers in court cases usually get it back and front. Lose never mind, still must pay bills for the winning party as well.

However, what was unexpected and good for a relieved Mdm Vellama, the court and all citizens is that Justice Phillip Pillai ruled that she need not pick up the tab of $10,000. Pillai said, "where a matter raises a legal question of genuine public concern, it may be inappropriate to make a cost order against the applicant even where the judicial review is unsuccessful". Three cheers for Pillai!

This Pillai fella is clever and shows how the judiciary can really be independent and does flex its independence. On one hand he backed the reading of the constitution and made sure mad Ravi did not anyhow hantam for political credits (BTW WP smartly did not want to be dragged into this court case and was this Ravi's attempt to be in WP's good books), and eventually on the other hand made a point that Ravi and Mdm Vellama should not be screwed by the government. Pillai walked the fine line between political interpretation and constitution reading, public interest and party influence. Three cheers for the judiciary in setting this precedent, and I'm waiting for the next case where ordinary citizens can take the government to court and not pay the bill if they lose.

BTW what happens to the donated money to share Mdm Vellama's legal costs she was anticipated to pay to AGC? There was a public donation drive before. She and Ravi take the money celebrate their victory eat fish head curry and buy loads of sari? Deepavali coming! LOL

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