Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making NS Less Fuckup - Rebates! Subsidies!

The government is again cracking its small head on how to make NS less frustrating and fuckup. OK I buy the poison shrimp, and diplomacy with deterrence doctrine, and powering up in peacetime. But I still hate ICT, as I already can't fit into my new digi uniform and I hate IPPT. Although I know the importance - look at Kuwait 1990.The pussies there were smacked like bitches all the way into Saudi Arabia. Nobody is going to smack us out of out little red dot into the sea.

$3000 pumped into my CPF is nice at different stages of my NSmen journey, but the best of the best, not SAFRA vouchers, or free SAFRA membership, but tax rebates!

That is how it makes Singaporean men feel appreciated. Instead of the current tax relief now, make it tax rebate, tiered according to high key ICT, low key ICT, silver or gold IPPT score, rank and appointment. If I get a cap of $2,000 or higher tax rebate cap the year I do ICT if I am CSM or officer , plus extra $1,000 rebate after getting silver or more if gold for 2-3 years in a row, putting a price to NSmen responsibilities makes me motivated more and even Zen about it if I am hit with an ICT this year which I can't defer.

Oh, if I can't get tax rebates, then give me decreasing HDB housing grant subsidies for 2nd and 3rd HDB flats bought, even resale. Or free polyclinic outpatient consultations up to $300-$500 a year until we MR or reach the statutory age.

Where is the money coming from. I thought there were more taxable foreigners coming here to work? Am I putting a price to my NSmen duties, yes, and that is the new reality.

"Committee to Strengthen National Service" to be formed
By Dylan Loh | Posted: 11 March 2013 2140 hrs

SINGAPORE: Senior Minister of State for Defence Chan Chun Sing will lead a working group to see how servicemen's abilities can be maximised in fulfilling their duties.

This group will also look into increasing support for National Service from various groups, such as families, employers, schools, permanent residents, new citizens and the broader community.

Another group, led by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Maliki Osman, will look at issues on recognition and benefits for National Service.

The committee's goals are to strengthen Singapore, National Service, the Singapore Armed Forces, and to serve all Singaporeans.

It will comprise members with a good appreciation of National Service issues.

The committee's work should be completed within a year.

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