Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Free SMRT Rides? Good Heart, Shitty Idea

Is the government populist or what in trying to solve people's problems! Mixed reactions to the free SMRT ride at super early morning hours, pre-peak it is called. Free ride people complain. Not free ride, people also complain. Don't want to go to get up early to get free ride also complain.

Anyway, so taxpayers are paying for freeloaders (which include taxpayers)! Making SMRT and its shareholders smile again! Lui is doing all he can, if you think that subsidising public transport is all he can and should do for public transport. Even Singapore Mind thinks Lui's idea is kinda good. Bah. As long as SMRT and SBS are the big players and they know taxpayers will always pick up the bill coz of Lui's subsidise our public transport thinking, SBS and SMRT won't give a shit about actually carrying commuters safely, quickly, regularly, everywhere. Don't need more trains or buses they think as the government would give cash incentives to regulate commuter traffic. WTF.

The government should free up public transport. Trains infrequent and crowded? Have new bus companies to compete with it, not complement it like SBS. Give new opportunities for SMEs to enter the private bus market assuming they can find drivers as foreigner crunch now.

LTA addresses free travel concerns
Helen Lim Director, Media Relations and Public Education, Land Transport Authority

We refer to Ms Linda Foo’s letter, “Free travel scheme may not benefit all” (April 18).

The free pre-peak travel trial aims to ease crowding during the morning peak hour along the city-bound stretches of the MRT network, which are typically the most crowded stretches.

This trial complements our efforts to improve rail capacity aggressively through additional trains, higher train frequencies and new rail lines in the longer term.

We hope this encourages commuters who are able and willing to change their travel schedule to enter the city area before the morning peak hour.

If we can achieve a shift of 10 to 20 per cent, commuters who travel during the peak period would also benefit from a less crowded ride.

Today, there is significant spare train capacity just before the peak hour. About 18,000 commuters exit at the 16 stations in the city area in the half hour before 7.45am, compared to 29,500 in the half hour after 7.45am, and 59,000 between 8.30am and 9am.

To cater to the expected ridership shift, additional trains will be injected at targeted stretches with higher loading during pre-peak period. This will help reduce the intervals between trains, which are currently about three to four minutes in the pre-peak period.

We are grateful for the interest and suggestions from the public on the trial. We assure everyone that we will monitor the results closely and make rapid adjustments when needed.


  1. Either we believe in an efficient market philosophy, thus freeing up the market for new transport players, or we do not thus we nationalise it. The so-called public companies are having their cake and eat it too! Who doesn't want to run a company when if you are lousy, the govt step in to help you and when you are good, it is due to your clever efficient ways? Pao-jia!

  2. Right on! I will believe that transport ministry is doing its best for public transport only when they deregulate private buses, taxis or even bike taxis.

    Road building they are on the way already e.g. Bt Brown highway, so no major complaints there. The dead don't need that space but motorists do.

  3. how about extending the definition of "peak hour" to 10am, thereby increasing train freq to that time? trains are usually pack even up to 9.30am!