Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hunting Sengkang Crocodiles and Hougang Buayas

 A monitor lizard! Not a crocodile senkangus, not a buaya yawshingleongus

Just today, I read news that some people are so stupid that they can't tell apart a monitor lizard from a crocodile in Sengkang. Those people panicked and wanted to call the zoo, police, PUB, HDB, SPCA and the SOF. Well at least they were not that stupid to try and catch it and put it on Stomp that they caught a Komodo Dragon in Singapore.

Similarly, from WP big chief Low Thia Khiang defensive indignation that he does not spy on his epic fail protege for Hougang SMC, some Singaporeans are dumb enough to think that Low Thia Khiang should resign even over Yaw Shin Leong being a horny buaya! Seriously? The wonders of PAP propaganda. If that is the case where the party's big chief must be aware and responsible of what his henchmen do in their private time, then what about Teh Cheang Wan.

The WP is under siege now, from CMI Yaw Shin Leong to his very exhausted mentor Low Thia Khiang. Others like Sylvia Lim would be next, fair targets for the PAP right up to the Hougang by-election. The only thing the WP did wrong was not responding well and fast enough when Yaw's horny rumours broke. But face it. They have redeemed themselves in principle and in popularity by kicking out Yaw.

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