Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yaw Stupid Cockhead, Not Thinking Ahead?

Shit! Why look at me? PAP MP also what!

 Facepalm. Facepalm again.

Yaw Shin Sin Leong is a dumb fuck. Firstly, got married and then want to bonk around. WTF

Bonk around never mind as it is normal as men have the urge. Instead of seeking happy ending at spas and don't get involved seriously focusing on sex and not a relationship, he got involved in an extra-marital affair. KNS

Extra-marital affair never mind, of all the women who want to sleep with a married man, he picked someone from his own party - what's that about eating and shitting in the same place? WTF

Picked someone from his own WP never mind, that woman is also married. KNS

That woman married never mind, some more she is fat. WTF

Fat never mind, even got her knocked up. KNS

In the grand scheme of extra-marital affairs, picked a fat married woman from his same party to bonk and knocked her up never mind, he got found out. WTF

Not over! Still some more! He and WP kept hush for very long, acting blur looking at their feet and pointing at the sky. He didn't dare admit or deny his affair when the rumours broke, and the controversy almost faded away as people more interested in the temptress lau chio bu who bonked the chief of CNB and the head of SCDF. Then, WP after all the silence and acting blur as the dignified refusal to acknowledge the rumours, WP issued a statement that Yaw resigned from the WP CEC.

WTF people are not daft and can join the dots. Yaw should have just carried on as an MP and a WP CEC member as the matter closed. Resigning from CEC is a clear admission of his affair and there is speculation on why WP handled this crisis badly from the timing to the message. Although frankly if they go left people would bitch, or if they go right, people would also bitch. Might be the same people who bitch anyway regardless of the decision to go left or right.

Still, he should have just admitted, moved on and scored points for his humble apology. Or act blur and delay a response. This badly timed indirect apology by resigning is worst. What do you expect from a WP MP who confessed before that he voted for PAP. Time to keep quiet, he open his mouth. Time to open his mouth, he keep quiet.

Singapore - Member of Parliament Yaw Shin Leong has resigned as treasurer of the Workers' Party (WP), with immediate effect.

The party accepted Mr Yaw's resignation from party leadership today at the Executive Council's monthly meeting, the WP said in a statement released late tonight.

The Council has appointed deputy treasurer Yee Jenn Jong to take over as the party's treasurer.

Mr Yaw will focus on his responsibilities as MP for Hougang, the statement said.

"The Workers' Party assures residents of Hougang of the Party's commitment to the constituency and to supporting the work of their MP," the statement added.

Mr Yaw was recently alleged to have had an affair. Both parties involved have so far declined to comment on the allegations.


  1. He should had picked girls from other parties. Imagine WP member having affair with PAP member or SDP member.

  2. 一针见血. If I stay in Hougang I scare to bring wife meet MP le :P

    1. Even though she looks better than HoJinx, you may have overated her sex appeal.

    2. Why? Don't you have faith in your wife? What kinda husband are you?

  3. No more as WP treasurer, I hope he will keep himself in balance till 2016. Are all our MPs, NMPs and NCMPs as clean as a whistle, not even an unpaid parking ticket? Who checked them?

  4. OK, he is kicked out of WP and after screwing around, is being screwed now. Would be damn funny if he wants to stand in Hougang as an Independent in a by-election!