Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SMRT vs Legless Thai Girl

Poor Nitcharee Peneakchanasak lost her legs after she fell into the tracks at Ang Mo Kio station last year and an oncoming train rolled over her. Fucking sad, also fucking mad if she managed to win that $3.4 million law suit against SMRT and even LTA for her accident in April 2011. Poor girl as she not only lost her legs, she will lose her law suit also soon.

I don't remember of any local who accidentally fell onto an MRT track. Not one. Jumped onto an incoming train to splat himself and have his messy inconsiderate suicide inconvenience thousands of commuters in peak traffic, yes and lots of them until SMRT had to build that stupid glass barrier that made platforms stuffy on hot days. However, I never remembered any horrible accident of  someone who slipped onto the tracks. WTF.

Most likely she was some clueless Thai girl who stood too near the yellow line. Any streetwise urban person would know to back off from that line until the train has stopped. MRT commuters should always be prepared that their stalker Ex, former recruit they tekan during BMT, employee they sacked and replaced with a cheaper foreigner, neighbour who hated their curry cooking or mahjong or marble dropping on the floor etc, is waiting for the chance for revenge and push them onto the tracks.

The Thai girl even said she was pushed although CCTV footage supposedly showed that the platform was not crowded. Huh? Like that also can ah? To win $3.4 million in a law suit, must try harder rather than that lame story right?

It looked that the poor Thai girl and her family decided to scam some money and take advantage of the situation. Maybe SMRT did not give her enough compensation in the first place and she pissed and wanted payback, literally. Anyway, WTF it was clearly damn sad she fell onto the tracks and for better or for worse, she only lost her legs. However, how was SMRT liable I don't know as I'm not some crafty glib-tongue lawyer. Is her lawyer going to say that former butch SMRT CEO spent more money on SMRT retail rather than on SMRT rails at the platform and it was SMRT gross negligence that led to the poor accident? Wow.


  1. I'm shocked at your very unkind comments on Nitcharee, irregardless of how much, or how little, she is responsible for her current predicament.

    Do try to show some compassion to others. It's just the right thing to do.

  2. I think there was a case of a local of was so engrossed with reading that she fell onto the MRT track but I do not remember any law suit after that. It is very obvious the thai girl was dreaming/careless and much a personal tragedy. Why shd she be suing SMRT and why did those dumb S'poreans donate money to her in the first place.

  3. irregardless is not a word

    1. It is - check it out in any online dictionary. However, it is not a word I would use - the double negative should make it a positive! The preferred word is regardless, or irrespective.

  4. maybe next time, I walk and fell down in my hdb apartment, can i sue hdb , renovator, tile supplier ?
    that thai girl is nothing but ridiculous.

  5. I just wonder what you would have done if it is yourself or your love ones were the one that fall. Stop barking up the wrong tree.

  6. Anonymous 912 pm - If it happened to me or a loved one, it is a sad sad accident. Just like it was a fucking sad case with Thai girl. But, I won't try to sue SMRT for it. We turning into some US culture where we sue anything when shit happens?

    Two different things the accident and sueing - there was the yellow line, common sense is stand away from it as accidents happen. Might as well put barriers and railings along all roads to prevent pedestrians walking to trip onto the road? That is what insurance is for and where it comes in. Personal accident and loss of income insurance.

  7. Taylor Ng - If this case wins in favour of Thai girl, lots of people would try exactly that! :)

    Anonymous 934 am Oh didn't know that. Thanks. Yeah, dumb Singaporeans like to donate to high profile sad cases published in media. The usual sad routine cases of single parents, low income families, kids with special needs etc sorry nothing much for them as they are low profile.

  8. I think the family of the Thai girl is trying to milk the system. As it is, Singaporeans from all walk of life have already donated hundreds of thousands of dollar to the girl. From the CCTV, it is clear that she fell, and was not pushed.

  9. Stop making money from kind Singaporean. You fell because you are careless & stupid, no fault of anyone. Ungrateful and greedy girl!