Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Real Shit TRS Busted (Again)

 Is Mr Farhan actually Yang Kaiheng scared that he would be sued? Smirk

One of the funniest things this week! Retards' favourite news site The Real Singapore or TRS was busted this week by Alex Tan. Alex told ST, another Singaporean favourite, that he launched the #1 trash news site and then passed it to Yang Kaiheng and Ai Takagi. Then one mystery Mr Farhan from TRS said that the couple were never in TRS, contradicting Alex's claims. LOL Anyway, so who has a Pinocchio nose, or if both have such wood noses, whose is longer?

So Alex, former Reform Party candidate, sabo the people who took over his site,  if what he said can be believed. I think can as others have CSI it before. Alex, being Alex, did not stop there. He also admitted and self-sabo he is still involved in TRS by contributing to the site anonymously. Facepalm. So much for his anonymity to a degree.

The TRS couple, about to get bitten soon

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