Friday, July 12, 2013

More Lies, Rumours and FUD in the Internet

I'm not talking about Yaacob or Ravi Philemon lying or spreading rumours. Since both are from political parties, naturally the things they say about each other would be ahem, based on PAP or NSP agenda and creative use of FUD and facts to make each other look bad. Fuck lah, that's politics so fair game. Ravi would act innocent, Yaacob would act victim. One mat, one mama, both party wayang. Yawn.

However, Yaacob was right about some bullshit in the Internet that should not be tolerated. Bullshit rumours in the Internet spread by retards is common so no big bother there e.g during GE 2011, some cock people were saying that they received flyers addressed to them as voters in their letterbox by PAP to vote PAP. Dumbasses said that it was PAP intimidation tactics, but were ignorant that all parties contesting had access to the voter info in their constituencies. These retards were in fact spreading the fear that there was no voting secrecy, and scaring people to vote PAP instead! Facepalm. The fucking irony and damage they did.

Bullshit rumours spread by cocksters knowing it is bullshit is another lame game altogether. According to the government, one such lameness was the guy who doctored the image of a NEA PSI 393 reading and then spread it around that NEA covered up that record. Still, the leader of the crap pack is TRS e.g. cooked up an MP Irene Ng letter to TRS, lied that Tiong flags were hoisted at Marina Bay.

In the end, how can we tell the rumours are bullshit or not? I bet when Noah said the big rains were coming, people thought he was spreading bullshit rumours. On the other hand, some people might argue that the Noah story is bullshit altogether. So we want to believe what we like to believe. Some believe that the PAP is the only hope for Singapore still. Yeah right. Others would believe it is NSP, or WP or horror of horrors, SDP! We like rumours and lies as it makes news interesting and rumours of government cover-ups make fake news more real e.g. "Oh did you read about X? We don't get more details as there is a cover-up for the cock-up!" LOL that storyline never gets stale.

The thing about TRS and its fake news production line to draw visits and earn ad money, it cries wolf so often, even if one day it gets a real scoop, nobody would believe it any more.

Yaacob defends naming of blogger and website over haze rumours
By Goh Chin Lian
Thursday, Jul 11, 2013

Minister of Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said on Wednesday night that his naming of a blogger and a website for circulating online rumours during the recent haze was to be fair to the majority of the online community.

Otherwise, they may be inadvertently associated with spreading rumours, he added in a posting on Facebook.

In Parliament on Monday, the minister had cited many examples of Singaporeans pulling together and using the Internet to do good and clarify doubts.

But he also warned that some mischievous individuals had set out to spread rumours and cause unnecessary anxiety.

The five examples he cited included The Real Singapore putting up an article falsely attributed to Tampines GRC MP Irene Ng.

Another was blogger Ravi Philemon, who posted online that the public would not be able to access a fresh supply of masks that were arriving in Singapore.

Dr Yaacob recounted the sequence of events in his Facebook post.

On June 21, the Government announced that 1 million N95 masks would be distributed to 200,000 low-income households for free, and that the Singapore Armed Forces will help give out the masks.

The next day, on June 22, Mr Philemon posted an unnamed friend's claim that the supply would be strictly controlled by the Government, Dr Yaacob noted.

The minister said: "The upshot of Ravi's post is that the Government announcement the day before is not true. But what is his basis for suggesting so? The truth is, he had no basis for his assertion."

As to Mr Philemon saying later that he went to Johor Baru to buy N95 masks when they were sold out at pharmacies here, to give to others, Dr Yaacob said he was "happy to learn" that the blogger had distributed some masks to the community.

"But let's be clear," he added, "doing good offline does not mean one is excused from acting responsibly online."

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