Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy National Day!

The great thing about this NDP was that it had a Singapore choir for this year's Oh-Oh-Oh song, it takes a mean ass to make fun of the kids singing the song, and also turned the spotlight on Team Singapore athletes from ulu sports to most us, synchronised swimming, gymnastics, and a warm appreciation to our para-Olympians. Sports bring us together. Go Lions XII! The singer leading the national anthem to close the parade was quite awesome and a nice change. However, the military hardware show-off is still cock, very Communist in sabre-rattling strutting. What to expect if the SAF organises the bash year after year.

Singapore is home, no shit, no sarcasm, it isn't perfect, but it is home what.

Even with retards like TRS, Atwell and some of those commenting popping up now and then to really stir shit.

Retards: The Show Goes On

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