Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pastors, Monks and Pie in Face

Don't you just shake your head when you read about priests, pastors, monks, ustaz, Jedi master all behaving very human and base? Can I use the word "charlatan" without offending? I can't? OK CHARLATAN!

On one side, the story about Venerable Sek Meow Di going into a casino business and made $1.28m magically disappear into his robe pocket according to business partner Chua Kwee Sin! Monks and casino don't really mix, and check out his fat neck! Must be the good food and life as a monk!

On another side, the tale of the prosperity gospel megachurch Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong being loaded enough to be a polo club member and mystical enough to be a magician also! Never mind that Jesus was a poor carpenter and some fundies think that magicians are Satanic. LOL BTW don''t forget that while Jesus had compassion and liked to forgive, Lawrence didn't have that when he sacked his church worker who had an extramarital affair and became pregnant as a result of it. The sacking was without just cause by law, and without compensating her entitled salary and maternity benefits by law. Shhhh I'm going to a FCBC service soon to pick up horny married women!

Ahem, in case you don't know, the other place to pick up loose horny women is at abortion clinics - Ahem not I say one, from Kevin Smith's Dogma.


  1. Alamak his daughter also short-gun case, kenna screw by Ang Moh horse but repented and become a pastor in his church. Perhaps the sacked worker should have repented and she would have been promoted to pastor status and can also buy a few ponies to play with

  2. Those shotgun rumours about his daughter are malicious. Both the pastor and his daughter are magicians who may one day term their magic miracles.

    Jesus himself was born of a virgin mother.

  3. Respect the bible. Stay away from Christianity. Stay away from religious leaders.