Saturday, September 7, 2013

Money Monkey Business in Majlis Pusat

LOL a local Malay organisation, Majis Pusat, investigated.... if you think that it is about terrorism, orrrhh you have racist stereotypes! And perhaps Republican whether you know it or not! LOL

Can't  make head or tail out of the whole affair, whether it was scam and sex scandal in the Hari Raya light up. What is fantastic was the great Facepalm moment by the middle dude in the picture, the ex-Sec Gen Zakaria Abdul Gapoor! Priceless!

 Epic Facepalm

I hope the case has some sex in it rather than about creative accounting as CPIB has not brought to light any sex and corruption case for public entertainment since the train of ooh-lah-lah cases last year. CAD, you are our only hope now as CAD is the new CPIB. Don't believe, join the dots yourself.

CAD also investigating some Catholic priest and stained glass restoration in a church recently. Still don't believe, Kong Hee Fatt Choy case, who dug up Xtron and allowed us the kaypoh public to check out yummy Serina? CAD! Furthermore, CPIB was battered and bruised again when one of its directors embezzled money and was caught, and who investigated? CAD! CAD is flying the flag while CPIB is down.

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