Sunday, September 29, 2013

Trolls Online and Off Right Here in Singapore

And they are Legion

A funny ST article yesterday about Popular Science shutting down its comments feature as it was being trolled too much by dicks. Their reasoning was that these dicks were infecting public opinion, and as public policy is based on public opinion, then it was the end of science, research and its selective competitive funding. A bit of a stretch but the spirit of not letting the lunatic or dumb fringe take over a discourse is understandable. LOL So dicks and trolls are a global virus, not restricted to sunny little red dot Singapore. Also funny as academia and distinguished editors got fed up of reasoning out their dumb critics, so just shut them up. Chuckle.

What is a troll? Someone who purposely tries to make steam come out of your ears and you tense up with arms and legs straight like in cartoons by the things they say and what they do. They are out there in all forms in social media just to push buttons, yours and mine. Don't get angry or affected as that it what they want, just ignore, don't feed the trolls. Unless you want to do some self-righteous counter-trolling by being a troll yourself in a way, like me! The usual trolls suspects online are The Real Shit or TRS. They are only trying to get into your face in the Internet for giggles, and maybe donations.

Gilbert Goh and his anti-foreigner bashing circus which is kinda yawn are trying to hold another protest at Hong Lim Park, selling merchandise and ideas. Again? Now he is a troll by all accounts. Another troll is that crackpot Teo Soh Lung who has in recent times gone on a jihad and said free those Al Qaeda fanboys detained by Singapore and as they are illegaly imprisoned and innocent like her and her gang in 1987 or and those East is Red commies in 1963. Facepalm. Yeah right.

But hey trolls are not only on the anti-PAP front, the PAP also have their trolls! I'm not talking about their internet brigade you know. Almost all the ministers are trolls themselves e.g. Lui Tuck Yew, just saying or doing something to irk you! LOL

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