Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Brawl Begins

So fun! All SMCs and GRCs contested. Except for Tanjong Pagar GRC which had "excused voting" because the bunch of independent clowns apparently arrived too late according to the media's version of the fiasco. Old Man Lee, all alone now, probably wanted a contest since he has nothing left to live for and a street fight at his home ground which he has held on since 1955 would be his last hurrah. The exertion of rallies might physically weaken the founder of 1965 Singapore though. The poor disappointed old guy looked like he was going to keel over the railing when he addressed the crowd about his walkover and that his opponents were pussies by pretending to come late and were thus deliberately self-disqualified.

On pulling out, PAP candidate Steve Tan bowed out for whatever personal reasons. He had cold feet probably. Nicole Seah the chio plucky NSP gem, obviously on the brink of burning out from her expression in the "why contest Marine Parade GRC" vid, is still at it while the fresh Steve Tan chickened out? WTF. The Online Citizen is telling the PAP that they must explain his pull-out? TOC clown. Why the fuck cares? There is CPF, housing, transport, healthcare to grill the PAP about. Not why one pussy PAP candidate pressed "eject".

Low Thia Khiang is heading over to Aljunied to settle old scores. The WP is doing a proper all-out Normandy this time as their team has Sylvia Lim and that over-achiever Chen Show Mao. The other 2 WP nobody candidates, frankly, are just there to make up the numbers to contest in the GRC. If I was George Yeo, I would think about a new career after May 7 as the chances of him losing his PAP seat in Aljunied are...high. PM Lee better think of who is going to be the next Foreign Minister also if he is smart to plan ahead. However, PM Lee has other things on his mind like whether the Reform Party kamikaze squad is going to have a better margin of the votes compared to the young punk WP squad that contested in Ang Mo Kio GRC in 2006.

Hougang is now defended by Yaw Shin Leong, a baby-faced WP old-timer. Hougang is a WP fort and even if you put a donkey in a blue shirt in that Teochew village, the loyal WP voters there would still vote it as their MP. Yaw can again decide to vote for PAP in 2011 like he did in 2006, what a loser, and he can still be in parliament after May 7. His career as a Hougang MP is confirmed, double confirmed, plus chop. However, whether he can have Low's charisma and personal touch as a Hougang MP is a big question mark. On determinism, poor Desmond Choo from PAP is obviously going to get smacked left right centre as he heads into Hougang to try snatch it away from WP. We know it is a lost cause, Desmond and the PAP also know it. Sorry Desmond, looks like you won't be a MP after May 7, you should have asked PM Lee if you could have hid in a GRC so that you can enter parliament via the backdoor.


  1. To be blunt, if you wish to take on the key person, you make sure everything is ready and not wait till last minute.
    Frankly, the organisation was bad.

  2. ajohor

    You said it. Lao Gay compared the lame attempt at half-ass contest and SDP's well lubricated machinery to tear a hole in PAP

    Shambles in Tanjong Pagar and Oiled Machine in Yuhua