Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slime, Smears and Slurs

 Oh-oh, Vivian, Vivian, you can't run far and fast away enough from this!

So what if Vincent is bent, LOL that he couldn't straight during the CNA debate on TV should be a clue that he is a buttman. But low blows aside, oops, couldn't resist a bad pun, so what if Vincent is fucking gay. The minister with a girly name stuck his head out to give Vincent a bad name but in the end, it boomerang back into his face, cracking his bigot head.

The PAP perhaps felt a bit pissed that their candidates like Tin Pei Ling, Foo Mee Har and Janil Puthucheary were tarred and feathered by the internet louts. Boo hoo hoo. Whether members of the opposition parties took part in the public ridicule of these PAP candidates, well, probably as this is politics and the opposition would try to get back anyway they can without being caught. But Vivian the blood-will-shed-if-bartop-dancing-allowed minister made a bad move by going down that dirty road and started openly a smear campaign even before nomination day. The PAP lost even more credibility.

Reminds me of 2006 when James Gomez threw the first blow about the PAP chucking away his nomination papers. The PAP flogged the dead horse and attacked James Gomez's character even after he apologised and when the issue was stale.

The PAP could have stayed on the high moral ground like what old Wooden Chok Tong wanted and be the big man, ignoring the slime thrown at them from the internet hooligans. But no, Vivian couldn't resist it and had to lash out at SDP' Vincent Wijeysingha. Aiyoh Vivian. Why like that?

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