Monday, April 4, 2011

CNA Debate and Don't Trust Any of Them

Anybody, instead of going clubbing and hanging out with friends, watched the CNA debate on Sat night where PAP, SPP, SDA, WP and SDP all got together to trade blows? Then you are like loser me, wasted one good night to party.

Lina Chiam from SPP really not prepared and cannot make it, tripping over her words and ideas. Krrrrh spit. Josephine from PAP was giving some bullshit we are all writers of The Singapore Story - yeah right, and PAP is the editor and in the end put in and take out what they please. Clear phlegm in my throat again and spit. Gerald from WP had good ideas, but damn nerd and boring. I can imagine him as a new PAP candidate. Nazem from SDA was super hopeless, neither had ideas nor charisma and the worst of the lot.

The two who talked the most were Tharman from PAP and Vincent from SDP. Both balding. Both Indian. I think being balding makes one argue better. Or is it Indian? The duo were the most yaya and smooth talking speakers. Don't take what they say at face value and read their body language to know what goes on in their minds. Words can lie but the body doesn't.

Tharman sneakily kooning while pretending to read notes! :)

Which one is the crooked politician you don't trust with our money? No, you think I meant finance minister Tharman right? It is Vincent, he can't even sit straight, how to trust? :)
 Vincent even took out his SDP book to sell during the TV debate! Snakeoil salesman! :)

If this is the quality of election debates on TV Singaporeans have to expect from politicians who want to woo us to rule over us, we are screwed, so very screwed.


  1. Vincent doesn't sit straight could possibly mean that
    - he is comfortable with the setting
    - not intimidated by the PAP or Tharman
    - totally relaxed and knows what he will sya or rebut

    My two cents worth

    while Josephine is sitting super straight
    - tense, very focussed to make sure she says all the right things, the PAP story
    - smiling : hypocritically?

    what's the problem with showing the shadow budget.. the only chance with the MSM, when it was totally ignored and not even mentioned in the MSM when they published it?

  2. soojenn

    Or it could also mean that Vincent is yayapapaya, arrogantly leaning to one side, explaining his crookedness. The problem with the shadow budget book was that it was a cheapo sales pitch. Funny to watch and I expected him to do other attention-grabbing tricks. Like jump up and down on the chair and shouting I LOVE SDP :)

    Josephine not smiling hypocritically in Singapore Story. More like condescending, thinking we are children who don't know better that we are more like hire-fire freelance writers rather than co-authors stakeholders in the book sale of the Singapore Story. :)