Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cablegate Singapore and US Embassy informants outed!

Firstly, the leaks didn't really tell us something new. Take a look at the double-huh report JOURNALISTS FRUSTRATED BY PRESS CONTROLS where Lynn Lee was quoted for bitching about her ST being the the PAP newsletter. Huh? Huh? This old story who the fuck doesn't know, my grandma been telling me since I was a kid every time she used the ST for our dog poop. The US Embassy diplomat picked that old info and passed it on like some gem in a report to his HQ? Facepalm. I thought reports should be like along the lines of - WOW this is recent relevant information for Hilary to read for her plans for US' global domination! So now know all civil servants everywhere are jiak liao bee, even US ones.

Poor Lynn had to issue a clarification and she left her job because she was misquoted. Whatever.

Secondly, those who had shared their personal views with US Embassy staff might now be worried that their one night stand or long term relationship with the US Embassy diplomats here is exposed. And worse, their views deliberately misquoted by the US diplomats here as those guys at Nassim Road exaggerated or twisted their informants' views to score points back at DC. LOL So from Wikileaks, who has been exposed as the go-to for US Embassy for local coffeeshop gossip? Here's some names! Errr BTW There is nothing wrong with talking to US Embassy officials lah unless you are like Francis Seow who was supposedly egged on by US diplomat Hank Hendrickson, who to believe depends on which side of the conspiracy theory one wants to follow lor.

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  1. Is TRE dead? Has it been ''taken out''?

  2. Yup, looks like it.

    A casualty of the PE?

  3. Did I hear TRE is closed??? That's great news!

    Don't you TR fan club get it? Those guys at TRE been asking donations and scamming people all this while from thumbdrives to credit cards and whatnot. They probably took the money and ran off into the sunset.

  4. Well, even if they did I wouldn't begrudge them their dues for the world of good that they have done for Singapore and Singaporeans the last few years.

    Good luck guys!

  5. More on TRE this morning:

    TEMASEK REVIEW EMERITUS is undergoing routine maintenance.

    Please check back in 3 days, 22 hours and 34 minutes.


    Sweet news to TR fan club...

    Nightmares to PAPayas and PAPaya suckers...

    I knew they wouldn't do it for small change.

    They are in it for $millions...