Thursday, September 8, 2011

The End is Nigh!

After the GE and PE, gloomy times are ahead as you, yes you, you and you voted the PAP in! OK OK export-oriented Singapore is helpless as the world's economy is going shit but I want to blame them anyway.

Inflation might be at least 5% this year, supported by ridiculously high car and property prices. The high carb black chai tao kway and char kway tiao you like to have for breakfast, lunch and even dinner are going to cost more. Singapore is expecting 5.3% growth, instead of the 6.2% growth predicted in the previous quarter. However, unemployment is a low 1.9% despite whatever xeno-bullshit-phobia ignorant people have been bitching about foreigners stealing jobs. If the Pinoys, Indians and Chinamen were stealing our jobs, unemployment would be fucking 19%, not 1.9%. Nonetheless dark clouds ahead. The Singapore dollar is fucking strong and therefore, our exports and manufacturing are screwed. MAS is going to leave a strong SGD - fantastic if you want to head to the USA for shopping at Premium Outlets. Despite the strong SGD, tourists are not bothered and it is doing its big part to prevent the economy from heading into a technical recession. Three cheers for the tourists from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia, as they are not affected by the Eurocrisis for now. But when the PIIGS keel over onto its back with trotters in the air, gloomy days would be back.

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