Thursday, September 29, 2011

Singapore's Population Reaches 5.1 Million!

Holy crap! WTF! The breakdown:
- 3.79 million Singapore residents, (3.26 million are Singapore citizens and 530,000 are PR aka fake citizens)
- 1.39 million non-resident foreigners(the people who clear your tables, build your investment condos-BTO- DBSS, pick up your trash, try to be mistresses for husbands or KTV hostesses for your dad-hubby-son-bro-lesbian pal, drive your SBS buses, you get what I mean - they are bloody fucking everywhere)

You know by now right that more than 100 days after GE 2011, when we got ourselves a nice GRC at Aljunied and kicked out a nice PAP minister, although there was so much genuine worry as well as misplaced bitching about foreigners in Singapore, the PAP has done nothing so far to say that they are doing anything about it. They didn't even claim that they would slow down the barbarian hordes at the gate. Fuck. Not all of course, but many of these foreigners are barbarians. From the SPG-hunting ang mohs who wear shoes in their homes (fuck!), or the Ah Tiongs who talk loudly in the bus, train and lift (fuck! fuck!), they offend my xenophobia sensitivities with their barbarian culture imports.

Actually, the poor peasant from Chengdu or Chennai I can tolerate generously as they do jobs that most Singaporeans don't want to. Construction. Too hot and tough. Retail and FnB service. Too demeaning. Cleaning. Too dirty and demeaning. It is the rich and middle income foreigners here that I mind. Respectively, they buy up property, pushing up demand and prices, and the PMET are hungrier in keeping their jobs as they still have their ravenous immigrant instinct to succeed them. Crap.

How to compete with them when I lost my grandpa's immigrant instinct too. WTF, our grandpa's generation and earlier used to be the go-getter sinkeh, and the Malays and Babas the locals who resented the people who just got off the boats. How history repeats itself in a funny way. The children of the sinkeh are now threatened by the new sinkeh generation.
The Ang Mohs, Ah Neh and Ah Tiongs in Singapore 1800s and 2000s

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