Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pritam Cannot Take Criticism from Bloggers! Says Singapolitics.

  The Sketch Times - Lovers' quarrel!.

WP Pritam Singh is a great orator during rallies. He can say anything clever or stupid, rhetoric or reason, and people would cheer. But lately that spell has broken. Broken so much that WP lost confidence in him and Pritam is no more vice-chair of the WP media team in the recent CEC shake-up in that solid party. The first doubt in Pritam's media power was when Pritam was caught bluffing as his parliament speech was copied almost word for word from a blogger-friend without attribution. Or maybe he was really that anonymous blogger Ground Notes, but cannot admit he was that anonymous blogger, so there was no plagiarism really! LOL.

 Stir stir stir! But has valid points tho.

The second and latest doubt was when Pritam was caught being petty with Andrew Loh, the Public House guy who had tea and scones with the PM at the Istana. Over a Molly Meek article which was the background to the spat between Pritam and Andrew, Pritam was pissed with Andrew because Andrew didn't want to give WP some room.

"He leave us alone lah instead of criticising here there and everywhere", said Petty Pritam

With that comment, Pritam has made a fool of himself and WP again. Please, WP is not special and it deserves to get knocked about like the PAP. Also, Pritam is not bulletproof to criticisms. With that whiney complaint, he sounded so like the PAP. WTF. Loser!

Anyway, backtrack a bit. Molly Meek had said that those bloggers who invited to tea with PAP were co-opted. PAP's strategy to win back the internet space it has lost is to talk to bloggers like Mr Brown and win them over for propaganda, seduce them to the White Side. Fuck. Wait. Isn't that the strategy of all opposition parties anyway. Fuck. Wait. Isn't that the strategy of restaurants and other retailers who invite food and other bloggers for makan and events anyway to co-opt them for product endorsement? Grow fucking up. That is the way things are done in the social media lobbying, political or commercial. All parties do that, just that PAP is so late, 2 general elections late to be exact, in the competition.

Friend friend again after teh

In the end, Pritam and Andrew decided to set time and place tea with each other to settle the misunderstanding. Sounded like some ah beng settlement talk LOL but it turned out well in the end, not like that sad Downtown East murder when rival gangs met to settle. As after all, everyone is doing their different part to offer moderate views on what we want Singapore to be. A national conversation, but without the PAP!

BTW, you know right. ST's Singapolitics was the one that reported the spat between Pritam and Andrew. Nation-building naughty ST via its Singapolitics is trying to add a bit of excitement into what is going on in the social media.


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