Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Walloping Traffic Wardens

WTF, if illegal park, must look out in case CISCO traffic warden come lah! Then quickly must rush out jump into the car and drive off! If too slow, and get summoned, appeal. Why must wallop the wardens? They doing their job and as illegal parkers, all drivers know it is the cat and mouse game. The worse idiots are those who actually cheer and clap when wardens get physically abused! BTW These are some retards on Facebook who actually said they would be happy if they see traffic wardens get walloped by angry illegal parkers. Losers. Frus with the summons from the traffic wardens does not mean you can whack them lah.

Those who punch others are wrong lah and yet want to cheer them? WTF

Traffic wardens become punching bags as abuse on the rise
Published on Sep 23, 2012
By Bryna Sim

Mr Pannirselvam Muthusamy has had hot noodles thrown in his face and he has been punched in the ribs. He gets sworn at almost every day. This is the life of the enforcement officer for parking and traffic offences, because his job is to issue summonses to motorists who flout parking and other traffic rules.

Though only six months in the job, Mr Pannirselvam is already involved in three ongoing police cases of abuse by motorists. His plight is shared by many others doing the same job.

Certis Cisco, Mr Pannirselvam's employer, told The Sunday Times that the number of cases where members of the public have abused traffic wardens physically or verbally has been creeping up. This is aside from almost routine encounters, when motorists get angry when issued a summons.

Traffic wardens said that some drivers would crush the summons, or turn on their vehicles' windscreen wipers to get rid of it, or hurl it back at the officers.

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  1. chris ho and kuning zai are real idiots.

    they must have illegal park block people and kena fine before that's why they want to cheer and support hooligans to attack the parking aunties and uncles.