Thursday, September 27, 2012

OMG TOC Raised Dr Chee to Nirvana Stage!

With Kumaran Pillai has his say, TOC is again waving its flag as a SDP oriented site, not WP or NSP but SDP. The 4-part interview by Kumaran Pillai with soon no-more-bankrupt Dr Chee Soon Juan is a fawning SDP ass-rimming masterpiece.OK I'm no SDP fan as you can see LOL. Guilty of being opinionated!

Ex-SDP member Kumaran Pillai interviewed SDP Dr Chee and using Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development., said that his former SDP boss is at stage six of the model, maximum power! With that kind of moral reasoning stage on justice and universal ethical principles, must be on par with Buddha or Jesus! WOW! Kumaran and TOC want to build Cult of Chee to rival the Cult of Lee. Facepalm.

Before we get carried away with Kumaran's quick use of Kohlberg theory to jack up Chee onto a morally high pedestal or horse whichever, Khohlberg's moral reasoning theory is about a person's moral reasoning, DUH, and not about his or her moral behaviour. And like many Western origin social science theories, there is a cultural bias towards it e.g. what about societies that have emphasis on collective or communal relationships, a key criticism of Kohlberg's ideas on rationalising moral reasoning. Kohlberg's theory might not be best tool in the shed to describe Chee.

Democratically speaking, ahem, if Chee or his party are that popular, they would be in parliament already.  So far they appeal only to the vocal minority in the internet. SDP can't even beat a PAP team that had a minister who had a girl's name during the last GE!  SDP has been in decline since 2001 and their best performance might have been the recent one in 2011, when Chee kept very quiet and SDP was rebranded as a party where the Chees were just awkward ornaments inside. Ironically for Chee, the more he personally tries to sell his koyok, the more nobody wants to buy them.


  1. You must remember who are the people running TOC. They are your typical western liberal minded do-gooders who care about a bunch of dolphins at RWS.

  2. When SPH, MOE jack MM Lee into demi-god status, you never say anything. Why? it is alead brainwashed into all of us, INCLUDING the lies that go with it.

    When Pillai did this interview with Chee, you saw a side that you don't know. A man that is suppose to be extreme, outrageous, and destructively pyscho as painted by the media, you got a new relevation.
    You got shocked. Such extreme is what you didn't know, and it failed to co-releate to what the MSM WANT YOU to know.
    So, you convienently say that Pillai jack him to demi-god....well, I can live with that.

    What I cannot take is how you got your facts all wrong. If Chee is popular, he should be in parliment. True. But with the media censoring him and the cops arresting him without proper procedures, do you think that even demi-god Lee can win if the TABLES ARE TURNED AROUND???

    You jolly know how the PAP shift goal posts, censor media with ex-ISD directors, and put ALL our judges pay under PM office.
    You ignore, and simply say all not in parliment are not popular.

    Prata man, please consider again. I can't say that no one likes your prata when I use media to smear you, cops to harrass your stall, and sue you for "smearing my name" nevermind that my name has no relation to prata at all.


  3. how come media censor wp and ltk etc and yet they can enter parliament????? csj and sdp cmi means cmi.

    csj can do all the internet interviews he wants and yet did not get chair in parliament as he did not walk the ground. spend his time behind keyboard or selling books.

  4. SDP is not in parliament because it's incompetent.

    WP is in parliament because its voters want to vote for something that is not PAP. In essence, WP is only existing because it is "not PAP". It is there as a sideshow bob, with no raison d'ĂȘtre that it can call it own. It doesn't actually have its own tenets, or ethos, neither is it needed to carve out any achievements on its own merit, because it is merely in existence as something that isn't PAP.

  5. TOC has lost it and quality has dropped and it is aligning with SDP to boost ratings since WP is not interested in online campaigning that much.

  6. TOC has given coverage where it's due.That's why it's called the alternative media. That does not mean lobbying for SDP, WP or SPP.Guess some do not know how to read an article and make an informed decision. Not everything in the news has to pro or against. Anyway, using a blog to make comments is easy. Chee has proven take he is willing to sacrifice for his beliefs and goal. The word here is "His", no one needs to sacrifice themselves for the veliefs of others but at the same time is would be civil not be be critical of the belief s of others.