Saturday, December 8, 2012

PAP Almost Sue TOC!

Wow. Throwing law suits used to be only at SDP, now letters of demand are hurled at keyboard warriors too. It did not stop at the old gay Alex (did not deserve it) but went on to TRS (deserve it), now TRE (deserve it) and TOC (did not deserve it).  This is PAP's new media strategy.

What was it all about this time. About gay SDP Vincent Wijeysingha's SMRT strike Facebook note that SMRT drivers who are unhappy can quit and join SBS. Firstly, Vincent's note was a wall of text and I did not even know Vasoo was mentioned inside it. Some good points were made by Vincent like unions CMI and the Tiong drivers complained before and still no action. The rest was pure political grandstanding like the Tiongs had the right to an illegal strike, since Vincent is SDP and opposition what, so a bit of rhetoric is expected.

PAP lawyer hitman Davinder Singh then sent letters of demand left, right, centre. Making the issue even bigger, making people even more interested in what happened between Vasoo and Chee, making people think more that Vincent must be right for the PAP to want to silence him. PAP, you are so funny and you bring weekend entertainment to all of us. Thank you.

Did TOC pwn PAP, or PAP pwn TOC? You guess!


  1. Dr Vasoo
    Damned if sue
    Damned if don't sue
    In the end, he give himself a buahluku

  2. Vasoo - is that the name of a dog, a PAP dog?