Saturday, December 22, 2012

PAP Scorched Earth at Aljunied GRC!

What we suspected, but now confirm and double confirmed!

Recently, MND gave a report that WP's Aljunied GRC team CMI - WP got a red card for their late audit / management report. Ooooooh eyes on WP for being lame and giving excuses. Yes WP cannot excuse that away. However, as more bits and pieces came out about AIM, the financial services company that was holding WP Aljunied Town Concil hostage by putting admin obstacles in front of WP's management report to MND, then the blame and shame game on WP turned into one on PAP's scorched earth policy. Not new, this PAP denial of the political enemy access to infrastructure, like how WP had trouble with use of common space in Hougang because MND and PA were politically motivated in their decisions. Ooooooh

Lau gay Alex Au was half right to say that AIM is a stay-behind sabo party - right because AIM is actually owned by former PAP MPs and I think still PAP members, not so right as AIM took over the financial and computer systems of the PAP town councils before GE 2011 in January last year, and not just before handover of Aljunied to WP. How was the tender process that AIM won, we are very curious!

Tessa Wong, one of the few ST journalists who covered opposition news objectively, nudged readers to think about who should fingers be pointing at, and for WP Pritam Singh to copy it lock stock and barrel into his Facebook note, he endorsed the finger taichi implied! Ohoh, would nation-building press ST warn Pritam Singh about blatant copyright infringement by copying the entire ST article into his Facebook? LOL

AIM, the Tessa Wong report also said its directors and former PAP members don't want to comment, like MIA!


  1. aiyoh, WP SL knows all of the problems in the GRC, and she dares not raised in Parliament, and wants you all to "fight" for her lah, whilst she enjoys the $16,000 a month.

    Raise it in Parliament or make a police report lah....

    1. The more things drag on, the worse in terms of reputation it is for the PAP. So why should WP stop all the speculations about AIM and PAP by making a report?