Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SDP Chee Soon Juan Purposely Sabo Yale-NUS!

Since Dr Chee Soon Juan is no longer a bankrupt, he can leave the country and the first thing he did, was to head over to the USA, and complain about Singapore. Which is not really new as he likes to whine and wring his hands about Singapore in front of foreigners, especially Americans. However the new twist is that he is complaining in Yale to Yale about the Yale-NUS College in Singapore and that it is a big bad thing for Yale as NUS and Singapore is a big bad place better left alone. Let me lay it out straight that I'm biased against SDP, so you know where I'm coming from.

Chee is also biased, let me lay it out. Biased against PAP which he often equates with Singapore, and biased against his former employer NUS. Let me explain if you have not joined the dots about his gritty personal vendetta dressed up as glam political reformation.

Chee was kicked out of NUS for ridiculous charges of making false taxi fare claims. Whatever. He was damn pissed as his former NUS boss Dr Vasoo was a PAP MP then and it was all a PAP-NUS conspiracy to fix him as Chee just entered politics and was, Chiam See Tong's protege in SDP. Ever since then, the former NUS lecturer turned Red politician has gone head to head with the PAP, providing good political black comedy to many onlookers as it made him and his archenemy the PAP look ridiculous at the same time, from his shouting in a market to him being dumbly sued constantly by the PAP. Since Chee is no longer a bankrupt, that means he can and will be sued to bankruptcy again so bring out the popcorn!

In a nutshell, this is why Chee is still upset with NUS and does not want a Yale collaboration. Even though it would benefit students here who would want a Yale experience, albeit in Singapore. Better than nothing if can't go all the way to Yale what. Even though it would benefit Singapore's education industry. Even though it would boost NUS' reputation and research. Even though Yale was promised that NUS would not inhibit academic freedom in the Yale-NUS college. Even though by Yale being here, it is the seed that would grow more critical Singaporeans who will see different sides to stories and be more balanced.

You don't hear the other opposition political parties complaining about Yale-NUS as they see the big picture. Chee doesn't see the big picture about Yale-NUS. He just sees it as a way to get back at his former employer, a personal grudge, nothing more. Serious.


  1. Very apt and astute observations

  2. CSJ likes the US and he was Reagan-Fascell Fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy before mah.

    So naturally would try to market himself actively to US NGOs and think-tanks that he is the only opposition leader in Singapore.

  3. Just like the SDP now supporting the PRC SMRT strike to extort for more pay. Perhaps upset that the orignal hunger strike did not achieve its intended purpose. Now all out support for PRC strike and fighting for their rights.

  4. And you purposely Sabo Chee and opposition. Too bad you have prata dough in your head, that why you do not understand the wider implications of Chee's arguments

  5. You should stick to flipping pratas instead of commenting local politics. Obviously, the status quo of governance is conducive to you cooking?

  6. If SDP wants to be serious, besides kicking out CSJ and elevating VW, SDP should stick to focusing on proposing housing and medical care policy reforms, and stick its nose out of such issues like Yale-Nus or the SMRT bus drivers.

  7. Anonymous 7:29pm
    SDP is pulled down by CSJ, pulled up by VW? Yes. Also, VW getting better and better since GE and he is single-handedly doing the heavy-lifting in SDP despite the goons around him.

    Anonymous 12:56pm
    Weak man you. Can try harder or not. Just coz you disagree with me I support status quo governance automatically.

    Anonymous 12:39pm
    I didn't sabo him. Chee sabo himself. Political parties of all colours sabo themselves. Shouting out their self-pwn is our right and responsibility.

    Anonymous 12:25pm
    SDP knows cannot get local support, so trying to tap on Tiong community and their cause to get despo attention.

    Anonymous 10:49am
    Google "National Endowment for Democracy" and you see lots of US global domination conspiracy theories. Surely no smoke without fire.

    Thanks. Chee's baggage is clear to anyone who wants to see it. Some are ostrich tho.