Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ng Boon Gay is Free to Go

Well, the court, specifically District Judge Siva Shanmugam, implied that where Ng wanted to put and poke his dick is his own private and personal business, and a "corrupt" act that his in-laws should get involved in, not CPIB. In retrospect, the entire story behind this case was whether Cecilia Sue is chio or not, and whether she is more chio than Ng's wife, and finally whether Ng's wife should have stood by him or divorced him and get some serious alimony. Not whether Ng gave contracts for sex, which he had no power to as he did not deal with such contracts at all so it seemed.

All the controversy and speculation on who the mystery woman initially raged, and when Cecilia appeared finally, it climaxed. Although before that some poor people were wrongly outed in the internet as the woman who slept with the CNB chief. Singapore's number one political gossip and inner circle forum Sammyboy naturally had its fair share of insider leaks on what was happening e.g. Cecilia's colleague Koh Hong Eng desperately attempted to defend her by saying there was some government conspiracy to screw Ng.

Cecilia then caused some court drama when she insinuated that the CNB top cop forced himself on her. Oh-Oh. While "rape" was not mentioned, she managed to shoot holes into her own story by turning it upside down for CPIB that that there was no corruption and exchange of favours. The inconsistencies in her story screwed CPIB.

In the end, about one year after the first sex scandal of 2012 arose, there is no totally happy ending for poor Ng and Cecilia, their names jizzed on for public ridicule. Ng although acquitted, as a top civil servant of a cool outfit, his career is fucked coz of some extra-marital affair. Wrong woman, wrong time, wrong enemy. Some competitor in the IT business was probably angry with Oracle or Cecilia's fat government accounts, and that started the whole CPIB corruption and sex comedy. Office politics and backstabbing stakes much higher now as CPIB and the court is involved! Beware of who you offend at work and in the industry nowadays! The other side of the sharp sword - not sure of how to totally screw your rival and to get ahead? Well...smirk.

The other morale of this story, hurrah for the court. It has shown critics again that the judiciary can and is independent. CPB can think and hope all they want but the court might not give to them the head they wanted in the end.

Ng Boon Gay's "not guilty" verdict: AGC will assess whether to appeal decision
By Joyce Lim

The Attorney-General's Chambers says it has not decided whether it will appeal the not-guilty verdict of former top cop Ng Boon Gay.

A spokesman said: "We will assess the grounds of decision and assess whether to appeal or not".

Similarly, the prosecution will have to decide whether or not to charge star witness Cecilia Sue, 36.

Mr Ng, 46, the former head of the Central Narcotics Bureau, was found not guilty by District Judge Siva Shanmugam on Thursday afternoon.

He was accused of obtaining four counts of oral sex from Ms Sue in 2011, in exchange for furthering the business interests of her then employers, Hitachi Data Systems and Oracle Corporation Singapore.

Mr Ng's lawyer, Mr Tan Chee Meng, said they are "extremely happy with the outcome".

Mr Ng's wife, Madam Yap Yen Yen, was crying and holding a relative's hand when the judgment was being read out and when the judge accepted her husband's testimony to be true. Mr Ng looked calm.

Asked later if it was the best Valentine's Day present she had received, she nodded and smiled.

In his verdict, the judge said he found no ulterior motive or corrupt intent in what Ng did. He said both Mr Ng and Ms Sue's intentions were "innocuous", and that there was no reason to believe that her offer of oral sex was intended as an act of inducement.

Mr Ng could have been jailed up to five years and fined up to $100,000 for each of the four charges.

Mr Tan, who had put up a strong defence of Mr Ng, said it had been a tough year for his client and the latter wanted to extend his heartfelt gratitude to people who have supported him, including strangers.

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