Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Protest Hong Lim Park Style!

Look daddy and mummy! I'm making a xenophobic loser statement that I think damn cool! Yeah! Xenophobes Not Dead!

Last Saturday's protest was an eye-opener! Ignoring the rain, people actually give a shit when it comes to livelihood bread and butter issues! Compared to the other liberal rights protests by at Hong Lim park when nobody goes except maybe the 5 journalists, 50 plainclothes mata and 5 hardcore supporters, which is almost like a PAP rally in the boredom-meter!

More foreigners, as far as the mob at the event think, means no jobs as they were stolen by foreigners, no wives as they stolen also by foreigners, no space on MRT trains, not enough housing, foreigners jacking up COE and buying Ferraris and beating red lights to crash into taxis at junctions.

Anyway if xenophobia is in the minds of the public's blame game on their woes, it's their right. Sure, blame the Other. Right. People are free to rant what they want at their own risk of being seen as whiners. What was funny was that Gilbert Goh was exposed as a xenophobic twat with that post stereotyping foreigners in Singapore. That comment on finding Viet women in Joo Chiat! LOL Even Siew Kum Hong TOC lawyer was so pissed that he said he rather have 2 million more foreigners than one more Gilbert Goh. Poor demagogue Gilbert. And he sabo the speakers in that xenophobic protest who did not know it was a xenophobic protest. Vincent Wijeysingha who was from TWC2 before had to explain that he was not xenophobic during his speech even, to distance himself from Gilbert publicly. His Home and TWC2 friends, busily helping PRC and Bangla workers must be facepalm the whole Saturday afternoon that Vincent got himself into this shit.

WP was not there as they are quite disciplined and restrained, cautious of being seen as opportunistic. Again, good instinct and leadership from Low Thia Khiang to keep WP away from such rabble. Imagine if WP went, seduced by what they thought was easy scoring of political points by just turning up at Hong Lim Park that afternoon. In the end as things fell apart, the stain of being xenophobic would have stuck on them too. Vincent from SDP was there. Ravi Philemon from NSP was also there. So it was actually like a mini-opposition unity minus WP rally, with president losers Tan Kin Lian and Tan Jee Say and all probably regretted their involvement with Gilbert Goh.

Cute kids but cock parents. Asking gina to carry these kind of placards is damn lame and low.


  1. Typical Keyboard Warrior. Know how to put down others who dare to put their money where their mouth is. Otherwise doing nothing except behind a keyboard.

  2. It is a protest by Singaporean, for Singaporean. Against the PAP's govt policy...
    If you don't know what is the important message, better not to open you gap and prove it

  3. Spot on. VW was thinking what he got himself into and his speech was just "umsi wa eh daiji solly solly".

    This would be Gilbert Goh's one and only show. He is a victim of his own success. Now more people know he is an opportunistic anti-foreigner, and therefore a liability to be associated with.

  4. Anonymous 2:09pm
    Xenophobes should be put down what. We remain silent they get bolder! Xenophobes must be given history lesson. Our forefathers were also immigrants.

    Anonymous 3:49pm
    The important message you were saying when you held that placard up in that picture, it is you right?, is that you were trying to pretend to speak for all Singaporeans. But but...businesses want foreigners, old uncles want KTV XMM, hospital patients need foreign nurses etc. "Singapore for Singaporeans". Bah. Sounds exactly like right wing louts' slogan in Western countries.

    Singapore is Full Up, Singapore Jobs for Singaporean Workers

    Anonymous 11:56am
    Vincent miscalculated by being there and embarrassed his friends in those NGOs helping the foreign workers e.g. those helping the SMRT bus drivers who strike-ed. He would recover from it easily nonetheless.

  5. First n last time reading this lousy blog. At least Gilbert, Vincent, Attendees all got off their butts and did something about the White Paper. What do u ever do that's constructive except moan n mock others...?

  6. The organisers of the protest had good intentions but they got it wrong. Transitioning and Gilbert Goh were just blindly blaming foreigners and worse, local SMEs. Whether they liked it or not, they had an anti-business vibe. They don't understand how SME work and the uphill survival small businesses face everyday in trying to employ anyone - employ Singaporeans, Singaporeans don't want; employ foreigners, got foreign levy and quota.

  7. Stupid blog. Singaporeans is unhappy with the high cost of living, depressed wages, increase in foreigners, crowded MRT trains, decreased in the identity of pure Singaporeans and that explain the protest. If you don't like it then just shut up. Honestly, your blog is so boring no one ever wants to read it so just close down.

  8. In the family and extended family of ONE jobless S'pore citizen (voter), there are definitely a few MORE eligible voters within the family.

    To all jobless S'pore citizens: unite your family & care for them (amid your jobless situation),

    show your family that you have been trying to get jobs but denied of fair employment opportunities in S'pore per unfair labour practice known by govt and yet take no correction measures,

    apologize to your family members that you are unable to provide comfortable life to them because you are jobless and can't get jobs (although you are stil trying), and

    by next GE, after the whole family suffers and is hungry for years, your whole family (of >2-3 voters) shall VOTE for your own SURVIVAL.

    Can jobless wait for next GE in 2016? No!

    Should we bring forward the GE??????