Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SMRT Drivers Guilty and Game Over

WTF, bang table, kick chair and break bottle, after that obediently head down sit down and pleaded guilty.

The 4 Tiongs  knew that they sure lose the case as by law they organised an illegal strike and the court, urged on by AGC, would call for a harsh deterrence so that other foreigners can't take Singaporean companies hostage. AGC must have promised they would fight for the maximum of one year jail if the strike team contested in court.  Plus fine. Maybe also rotan. Maybe also Corrective Work Order.

AGC should wave the rotan about, figuratively. Yesterday it was SMRT buses and commuters inconvenienced because of the strike, tomorrow it might be food court cleaners, NTUC supermarkets check out staff, hospitals nurses and horror of horrors, maids doing a walk-out even. Foreigners are needed here, but not troublesome ones please. Lucky for them that they managed to get only 6-7 weeks jail, about no more than the first guy who pleaded guilty last year, who had also instigated the strikes.

The police are investigating the police beatings that some of the 4 Tiongs claimed happened to them during police questioning. If they were found to have fabricated the entire story to gain public sympathy, would those responsible be jailed again after they served their time for staging an illegal strike? Ouch. Be careful when opening doors with a kick, make sure it does not swing back into one's face. I think those Tiongs might need their lawyers again later.

Anyway, few lawyers would take up pro bono cases, especially ones that help these foreigners who caused disruptions in bus services while this anti-foreigner anger lingering in the air. Some of these lawyers might do it out of good hearts. Bless them. Some might do it as a marketing gimmick. Good luck to them. Which is the two for Peter Low's firm as it has been appearing more frequently recently? The firm has been boosting its image as lawyers taking on little-hope little-sympathy causes e.g. this SMRT strike case, and also a challenge of the legality of 377A. Thankfully, no longer is the David vs Goliath court scene dominated by Mad Ravi, which is better for everybody as Mad Ravi tended to turn his cases into sad jokes whenever his mental state had a Chernobyl meltdown. BTW weird creepy Gopalan Nair is not too happy with Peter Low over some old wounds.

Instigators of SMRT bus strike get jail
By Joy Fang
My Paper
Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013

SINGAPORE - The four former SMRT bus drivers from China who were charged with instigating an illegal strike last November were yesterday convicted and jailed for between six and seven weeks.

He Jun Ling, 32, who faced two charges of instigating and inciting other SMRT drivers to take part in the strike, was jailed seven weeks. The other men - Gao Yue Qiang, 32, Liu Xiangying, 33, and Wang Xianjie, 39 - faced one charge each and were jailed for six weeks.

The men had earlier claimed trial but, last Friday, their lawyers announced their decision to plead guilty after the prosecution gave an indication of various sentencing options.

It comes two months after former SMRT bus driver Bao Feng Shan, 38, was sentenced to six weeks' jail after pleading guilty to "commencing" the strike.

Yesterday, Senior District Judge See Kee Oon explained that he was of the view that the four drivers' culpability "cannot rank any less than that of Bao".

He added that a "particular aggravating factor" was that the four drivers were planning a large-scale strike. They did so "with the purpose of putting pressure on SMRT to accommodate their demands, but with the clear consciousness that it would cause disruption and inconvenience in the provision of transport services". The fact that they had pleaded guilty signified "their awareness that they could not justify taking the law into their own hands", said Mr See.

In mitigation, lawyers representing He and Liu said that both men had acted as a result of how SMRT dealt with their grievances. But the judge said that while it may well be the case, the present proceedings are "not the appropriate forum for an inquiry into these issues, much less the basis for a judgment on any perceived shortcomings on their employers' part".


  1. The video case not over and still open. Govt happy now to hang their own to desperately win public hearts e.g. Peter Lim, Ng Boon Gay, Tey Tsun Hang, Lim Cheng Hoe, Koh Seah Wee, Choo Wee Khiang.

    However if He JunLing and Liu XiangYing lied about police abuse and it was staged with other accomplices involved in the video and case, police sure hantam them until pengsan.

  2. So what you want for Singapore is lots of foreigners without any rights? How convenient. Why not have it both ways, right - you are so PAP, inhumane and elitist.