Monday, July 23, 2012

M Ravi, Mad Ravi!

OK let's take another Kit Kat break from the serious boring stuff! You think Hougang MP wannabe Zeng Guoyuan is crazy while pretending that he is not, then someone who is competing with him and leading so far in the "crazy but pretend not" race is, M Ravi! M for Mad! Mad Ravi! LOL

People who put their Ostrich bird head in the sand and think that Ravi is perfectly sane, and crazily think the media and government conspired to say he is crazy, just this weekend Ravi showed his true colours to the world. OK accurately not the world but to a few people in the park who bothered to go and see whether he is turning up in a pink tutu and Marilyn Monroe bleached white hair wig, which to their disappointment he didn't.

However he didn't disappoint that much, as in the end, he sportingly exhibited how important it was for him to take his medicine and see his shrink still! Yahoo news just had a funny report on poor Ravi being possessed by a cheeky singing spirit at Speakers' Corner! OK again there was no mention of cheeky monkey spirit possession but they should have, to be more accurate! LOL If there are Youtubes of what he did, please, SIC. I bet Ravi will just plead temporary insanity during his court case against the Law Society. Wait, the law suit against the Law Society is about him being not gila! Oh-oh, he sabo-ed himself! Wong Siew Hong is so relieved now that Ravi outed that he is mad.

Ravi humps and outrages the modesty of a hapless tree! NEA is going to sue him!

Scroobal, the whistle-blower with lots of juicy insider stories in Sammyboy (remember the lewd stories of lau chio Fook-Me-Hard, snigger), earlier swore that Ravi is Woodbridge calibre although in desperate denial. Errrr I think Ravi made Yong Vui Kong and his closed ones  a bit more worried now about him being their lawyer.

Scroobal, leaker or liar depending on whether he has dirt on you or your nemesis, exposes Mad Ravi! LOL


  1. I am a personal friend of Rachel Zeng and do think it is unfair that you are insinuating that she is in denial of his condition. Wake up, you. There is nothing wrong in writing the blog post in an APPEAL TO RAVI not to let his 'nemesis' destroy the amazing person within him.

    When a person has a bipolar relapse, he is not himself. There are trigger points and I think people should reflect on what triggered the relapse - Wong Siew Hong should take responsibility.

    Read up on bipolar and find out more from the blogger(s) who are writing in similar ways as Rachel before you go anyhow with your shallow thoughts. Look deeper within things read between the lines and stop being typical singaporeans who take things "as they are" on surface value. You don't know what they have gone through. They are calling for him to be strong, and they are staying strong for him - this is what friends are for.

    No soul at all.

  2. I thought Ravi become siao before so that's why got the doctor letter which Wong Siew Hong then show to judge, which judge bochup. Blame Wong Siew Hong? Or is it the doctor who gave a truthful report? Or it is Vellamu who asked Ravi to take on this case? Or is it Ravi's own friends for not making him check into IMH earlier? keke the blaming taichi !!

    BTW SDP also said liao that Ravi hospitalised liao.

  3. people like you, living under a rock, in a small place, ruled by a tinpot dictator, who has managed to conform everyone; different is NOT STRANGE!! go out into the world and see how individualism is not just tolerated, but cherished. who among us is not bi-polar? some are just brave enough to express how they feel.

  4. A perfectly sane person has moments of madness, so do a person suffering from bipolar! There are times that they will be calm and collected as well, so to write and paraprhase to say he is IMH material is downright insulting and irresponsible. If you are not providing all the help he needed, at the very least, give some empathy, keep your judgement to yourself!

  5. Blame his friends? How do you know that they are not doing anything or have not done anything? You mean to say you have done a lot for him, or have attempted to understand what bipolar is about?

    So yes, his friends are to blame hor, then you mean he has no family members? You mean your ignorance makes you an angel? Look at your own nose la brudder!

  6. LOL. Those who defend Mad Ravi, to each his own. I won't give him a free pass simply because he is an activist. He is not immune to criticism or that we have to tiptoe around him, explaining away his condition as "individualism", oh he had a bad day give him some slack. Yeah. Right.

    Ravi is a liability to his clients and his causes. If sheep want to be blind to his faults whatever his passion in crazy public performances, sure go ahead.

    Funny actually that Ravi is a self-pwn pawn in all this. SDP said to forget about the matter and let him be and not become played for political games, but by talking about it is instead keeping the matter alive. LOL The irony!

  7. Ravi is in the wrong country. If he's in the free 1st world, he'll be a celebrity. Certainly he's conveying a message by humping the tree, likewise Lady Gaga in her meat dress or Madonna showing her tits. There's always this story that a 'mad' person looks at us as being crazy. And do remember what happened to the Law Society donkey years ago when they had to be revamped, just in case.


  9. What exactly is insane? Everybody has their weaknesses and moments of 'insanity', including you. The only difference is that while he chooses to express it out there, you choose to express it through your blog