Monday, July 2, 2012

Not Urban Legend! Swear! Singaporeans in Peril in Msia!

Don't look away or act blur. It's for real! M'sians have a penchant to screw Singaporeans. It's all to do with that "I can kick him around as he is just adik" thinking. Believe it, it happens, even if you are not a Singapore high commission (it's not "embassy" for those dumbasses who call it "embassy"). BTW, if you haven't realise it yet, that stunt about 3 MFA diplomats attending a Bersih protest, nothing bersih or clean about the political shit heaped around - elections time and BN wanted to pull out the nationalist and race card to distract Msian voters with tried and tested Singapore-bashing, with threats to cut water supply thrown in again. Yeah right.

Oh, how average Singaporeans can be screwed? It's all in the drive up north. Carjacks are the big slam, at least the victims this time were not hurt, raped, killed, kidnapped or sold off not necessarily in that order. Frankly, don't matter if you are Singaporean Ah Beng, Mat or Ah Neh, once they see Singapore car plate it means free-for-all for them to victimise you and me. Do you hear of M'sian cars being singled out for crime along PIE or any other Singapore roads?  I don't. If you want to go M'sia, sure go ahead, fly up direct to KL or Penang, and drive up in convoy with baseball bats placed next to the umbrella at the back of the car. For every 10 incident-free trips up you hear one suay case of someone getting screwed. Just be prepared and hope that you are not that unlucky one.

Kidnapped S'porean family now safely back home

Updated 08:04 PM Jul 01, 2012SINGAPORE - A Singaporean family is now safely back home after a harrowing experience early this morning in Johor Bahru.

37-year-old Rita Zahara was driving back to Singapore with her sister, two children and her maid.

About three kilometres from the Immigration Checkpoint at Woodlands, she stopped at a petrol station to top up her tank.

Her sister, two children and maid remained in the locked car while Rita left to buy fruits.

That was when two men armed with guns and knives demanded they open the door.

After accessing the car, they sped off with the four members in the car.

Upon seeing that her car was missing, Rita called her sister's cell phone, which was answered by one of the kidnappers.

They demanded money from her and threatened to kill her family if she went to the police.

For the next four hours, Rita negotiated with kidnappers.

At the same time, she was also in contact with Malaysian and Singapore authorities.

The kidnappers finally released her family by the roadside.

Helped by villagers nearby, they were brought back to the police station.

The culprits stole her car and all the valuables inside worth some 200,000 Malaysian ringgit (S$80,000).

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  1. .. a case of wrongful association of facts. The documented event took place. Yes & in Malaysian territory. The criminals have yet to be determined as Malaysians...!
    "Singapore registered cars get screwed by Malaysians" is like saying it's a concerted, premeditated targeting of Singapore registered cars in Malaysia!
    How about "foreigners " i.e. folks who do not look or talk or misbehave obviously like Ah Bengs, Mats, Ah Nehs or Ah Lau Lee Taikor getting Farked by arbitrarily upped at that moment prices at retail outlets just because they speak different or dress different or have different colored skin? And how about Singaporean mate starved females having their cross-hair target sights aimed straight n 'chun' at Ang Mohs' Pricks? What about PRC driven Ferraris wacking Singaporean registered cars on Singaporean Tuft?
    Paranoia is one thing if medically certified, attempting to start a 'fire' by claiming a few lost "swallows" as proof of spring, make a citizen of supposedly internationaized, globalized FIRST WORLD City of Excellence ....appear pathetically CHILDISH with the mind of the proverbial frog under a discarded French-cap! (french cos you so love caucasians no?) Besides Prata Bob could actually be a Farked up Migrant worker from Malaysia with an almost expired work permit ... Ptui