Thursday, July 19, 2012

Poh Lee Guan's Turn in Slimelight

This has been an exciting week of distractions from the rising COE prices, shrinking of Singapore's economy by 1.1% in 2nd quarter, a still bullish property market etc Alex Au, Ravi and now Poh Lee Guan are getting people's attention. We in the internet are better and more interested in bitching about politics, rather than arguing about policies affecting transport, housing, jobs etc. Why? Politics easier to complain than policies, and more interesting! LOL

The latest incident entertaining us in the internet is that WP finally sacked Poh Lee Guan. Ah Poh is the uncle in the recent By-E who wanted to run for Hougang and sabo WP by turning that Teochew ground into a 3-corner fight. Why did he do that? Why did people leave WP around that time too? The simple explanations are why do people leave any organisation or company? They can't get along as there is no advancement, and there is promise of advancement elsewhere instead. Is Ah Poh going to retire from politics as he knows he is deemed a traitor and disloyal to his party? The million dollar question is which party dares accept Ah Poh if he thinks he still wants to try his luck in the next election.

Workers' Party expels veteran member Poh Lee Guan

The Workers' Party (WP) has expelled veteran member Poh Lee Guan, after he put himself up as a candidate in the Hougang by-election in May.

In a letter sent to the 50-year-old last week, it told him that the party executive council did not find his explanation of his actions - given at a meeting on July 10 - acceptable and decided to expel him.

WP chief Low Thia Khiang confirmed the move to The Straits Times, saying that the decision was based on Article 22 of the WP's constitution. This provides for the expulsion or suspension of a member whose conduct is deemed to have gone against the party's aims, principles and welfare.

But Dr Poh maintains that he had the party's interests at heart, and stands by his explanation that he had submitted the paperwork to be a candidate just to act as a 'spare', in case something happened to WP candidate Png Eng Huat.

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