Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Todds Sabo-ed by their Own Expert Dr Adelstein

The Todds relied on 2 irritating we-are-US-therefore-better backing at first to prove that their son Shane Todd was murdered. Murdered by whom? The Todds were saying, the Tiongs, as Shane was working in a secret project with Huawei, the big evil Chinese corporation. O RLY?

The sibeh super secret modem-hand chicken maker Huawei project Shane Todd was working on... shhhhhh secret hor

First the Todds said that the hard drives Shane had were tampered with and FBI would back them up. Then the FBI checked and said that they were not tampered with. Todds has nothing to say except that their son was still murdered. <Shake head> Our Mata no credibility and need endorsement from FBI. Mata better make more CLIF shows with Mediacorp to boost street cred. Where is Inspector Mike Chin and SGT Alan Leong? LOL

Second, the Todds relied on one Dr Adelstein who said that Shane was strangled to death by a hitman with a cord, like in movies.Then during a court 'live' interview, although he is safe in the US, Dr Adelstein backtracked and said Shane was not garrotted because 2 more reputable US pathologists already disagreed with the garrote conspiracy theory. Ooops. However not to lose face, the good doctor <cough cough> charlatan, said that Shane was murdered. Must have been the same uncaught gunman from the grassy knoll who did it! Seriously, if there was a conspiracy, it was the CIA who killed him as Shane was working for the Tiongs and would have returned to the US to spy! BTW that's another retarded wild story befitting of a new Fox 24 series.

The whole court drama is one simply about the Todds cannot get over it that their son CMI and want to blame someone. First it was the Tiongs who killed Shane, then Mata who could not find evidence, now Court and Singapore for a cover-up. When would they blame their own friends and others like Dr Adelstein who urged them to further levels of self-denial and sorrow?

Expert witness retracts opinion that Shane Todd was garrotted

SINGAPORE: The medical examiner engaged by the family of American researcher Shane Todd has retracted his initial opinion that the 31-year-old was garrotted.

Giving his evidence on Tuesday over video-link from the US, Dr Edward Adelstein said he agreed with four other forensic pathologists that Dr Todd was not garrotted - which is strangulation with a cord or wire - as there were no signs of any internal neck injury.

This came after he reviewed more information he received from Dr Todd's family a few days ago. Dr Adelstein had based his initial findings on the autopsy report and photographs of Dr Todd at his wake.

Dr Adelstein added however, that he still believes Dr Todd's death to be a homicide.

When questioned by Senior Counsel Isaac Tan as to what caused Dr Todd's death, Dr Adelstein suggested that he could have died from a taser or from a carotid armlock or a neck chokehold - but admitted he did not have medical evidence and could not know for sure.

Dr Adelstein added that he believes that Dr Todd was already dead when he was "strung up with the ligature around his neck".

He confirmed however, that he was not a certified forensic pathologist.

The Todd family walked out of the subordinate courtroom shortly after the afternoon session began.

They said a witness, who allegedly saw Dr Todd the day before he was found hanged, has been sprung on them by surprise and they did not have time to prepare for his evidence.

They have asked for his evidence to be adjourned till Wednesday, but the witness - Luis Alejandro Andro Montes - is due to leave Singapore on Tuesday evening.

The Todds told reporters they have not decided if they will attend the remainder of the inquiry.


  1. I hope when this is over and the court rule the same verdict as before,as I am convince it would, all costs should be billed back the Todds.
    Bloody waste of time and money.

  2. Yes, insulting waste of time and money. Makes me think why taxpayers have to foot the bill of Americans trying to stage this circus. The Todds also are in state of denial. They scared get questioned in court when their turn comes.

  3. Waste of time. Good riddance to the Todds. Maybe Shane was molested by the dad and that's why he fled to the East to get away from him. That sounds more plausible than some super assassin.