Monday, May 13, 2013

The Idiot Parade: Zainudin, Lina, 21 Malaysians, Jolovan

Lots of idiots parading in front of us this past week. Firstly, it was Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC MP "gang rape is democracy" man. Facepalm. And we thought "blood will be shed" Vivian Balakrishnan or "I don't know what to say" Tin Pei Ling were bad. OK so what if Zainudin was quoted out of context. That is the game right? If it is too hot, stay out of the kitchen! Well, talking about kitchen, Aunty Lina Chiam who lost Potong Pasir the last time should stay in the kitchen and not wear the pants and try politics. Oops am I sexist? She tried to hit Zainudin with a frying pan in her SPP statement because the PAP MP made the gang rape mobocracy quote. In the end she slipped and fell on her fat ass as she didn't understand what the hell was happening and thought that Zainudin condoned rape culture. LOL Let's boot out idiots Zainudin and Lina next election PLEASE!

Then there were the Malaysian protestors at Merlion. WTF instead of protesting outside the Malaysian High Commission or take a bus to JB to protest at City Square since that is Malaysian problem right? No, they too lazy to go Malaysia JB and want to protest somewhere in central Singapore instead. There was an earlier protest where 9 were warned. Then others didn't get the message and protested at Merlion on Saturday. Police cannot take it that these Malaysians cannot get the hint, so had to arrest 21 from this second protest next! Since the 9 inspired whether they intended or not, these 9 would probably be sent home now, and the 21 would be jailed and/or fined and then sent home. Too bad for the employers who hired these 20, have to hire other Malaysians instead.

Anyway, I don't care and it is good entertainment, more fun than what 6.9 protest at Hong Lim park by that Gilbert guy. Still, PRC workers strike, Malaysians protest, what next? Bangla flash mob? LOL wait, I better not laugh, it might happen!

Then Jolovan Wham is back again at Speakers Corner. First he showed solidarity with PRC drivers who went on strike. Now he showed solidarity with Malaysians who protest. What is his infatuation with foreigners breaking laws? Wasn't it reported before he went to Hong Kong and asked Hongkies to protest to help the Tiong workers who got arrested for the strike here? He really likes foreigners who play hardass and resist!


  1. I think you should eat more pratas and post less.

  2. You have the right to comment and criticise but the use language shows you are obnoxious and offputting.

  3. Another in-your-face no-holds-barred opinion. Don't always agree with you, but at least you don't bother to be politically correct. That is refreshing.

  4. Singapore for SingaporeansMay 14, 2013 at 10:46 AM

    Can send all these foreigners home, I don't care. Arrest the Singaporeans like Jolovan Wham who help them protest. I also don't care. Same like that Kirsten Han who wrote that stupid article in Yahoo that foreigners can be allowed to protest. We already have our own problems and allow foreigners to create more protest problems???????

  5. I'm thinking we should read all this in our heads with the voice of Andre Chichak from the noose.

  6. Lee Cheok Yew - OK I promise to post more.

    Anonymous 3:53pm - what's wrong with telling it like it is, the truth offends? Is the tone or the content more important in the message? Or both? Muahahahahaha

    Anonymous 5:30pm - Err OK! High Five! At work, at home, in real life already always better to be politically correct. In the internet, I can shoot from the hip as etiquette less restrictive.

    Singapore for Singaporeans - Err Thank you, although I'm not really into the xenophobe pretending to be patriot thinking.

    Soe am i - My favouritest is Xin Huahua or that North Korean presenter.