Thursday, May 16, 2013

WP and PAP, FMSS and AIM, Who Cornering Whom?

Oh oh did PAP anyhow count to anyhow whack WP?

"MND’s latest response of 14 May 2013 claims that our media release earlier that day showing that the increase was only 4.16% gave an incomplete picture. MND stated that they compute the MA rate by dividing the MA tender rate by the total number of residential and commercial units. However, even adopting MND’s methodology of including both residential and commercial units, we find that the rate difference should only be 4.55% and not 20%"
WP Statement

First PAP bring up FMSS say it lacks corporate governance. Hey AIM also like lack corporate governance? Then PAP said FMSS created without tender. Hey but AIM was PAP's scorched earth policy and FMSS was urgently set up to prevent that, to protect residents? Then PAP said FMSS was filled with WP supporters? Hey isn't AIM made up of PAP members?

Now the last straw, PAP then claimed WP's managing agent's rate 20% more than before but WP said they calculated left, right, centre, inside, outside also at most, the increase is 4.55%, understanding that FMSS does not enjoy the economies of scale compared to CPG? Facepalm.

The only thing that PAP made sense is that town councils are political. Let's not kid ourselves.

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  1. HHHMMMMM everyone's talking about Aljunied rates now.

    The PAP has successfully managed to divert attention from its incredible claims about the AIM deal and the service rates pple in Tampines are paying, as well as the fact that it is squandering millions on an IT system which the PAP says can be bought over the counter...

    We wont even talk about how PAP rates for service are about on par with Aljunied's - even though the PAP is supposed to enjoy economies of scale, as you point out.

    No wonder this country is in the state it's in and the govt is being allowed to get away with all kinds of crap. Sporeans are simply not focusing on what matters!!