Friday, May 3, 2013

May Day! May Day! Gilbert Shouts

Why do loser parents ask their kids to hold placards? For sympathy? Act cute? Tsk tsk human shield?

Who the fuck is this guy Gilbert Goh? From Australia, unemployed, not liked even by some activists, party hopper from Reform Party then to National Solidarity Party, and from the patronage he got from SDP, he might join SDP soon. Or maybe not. Vincent from SDP pulled out from the May Day event - is it because he suddenly realised that Gilbert Goh is a political lead weight around his neck that would pull his SDP down? The smart guy who have noticed that all this while, WP have distanced themselves from Gilbert. WP knows its shit.

Another guy who backed out was Nizam Ismail. I never heard of him before and must have been the token Malay to speak at the event. He pulled out from the May Day event and left poor Gilbert swinging.  WTF, that's what politics is, grow up and grow some balls. First say want to whack the government, and then after a while backed down? Hey, did that apply to Vincent too?

The only good outcome of the event was that Speakers Corner can be a lively place and peaceful protests is not an oxymoron. Never mind that many there were many motley groups of disgruntled people e.g. people in their 40s who claimed foreigners took their jobs and never understood that people in 40s lose their jobs every time as they are more expensive and less productive, not because foreigners stole their jobs. 

In fact, more peaceful protests at Speakers Corner please! Don't let Pink Dot dominate or let Speakers Corner be wasted by Mad Ravi booking a Saturday and then end up hugging and molesting a Hong Lim Park tree. I'm happily looking for more protests by Gilbert - it is like an entertaining retard circus of whining Singaporeans who only complain and don't realise that foreigners are needed in Singapore and all that matters for us to welcome them into our arms, besides the Vietnam and Tiong XMM at health centres, is better infrastructure to manage the numbers.


This retard is back with the same sign! He is persistent!


  1. You are obnoxious!

  2. Delightful crassness in explaining the protest as it was.

  3. I don't know why people are following Gilbert like sheep and choose to place him on a pedestal and ignore that he is racist, xenophobic, angry and unemployed. How does he get by? Surviving on donations and charity?

    He is fighting for Singaporeans? But that is just a bad excuse. The PAP also said they are fighting for Singaporeans and do we believe that and them? No.

    I'm trying to run a small food business and it is hard to employ locals. Locals don't like to work in service. Already there is a quota for employing foreigners and now this No 6.9m is making worse and small businesses like me suffer. Rental is high, inflation and I can't even hire enough staff to keep my business going. Can't open whole day even sometimes on weekdays as short of staff. If I close down, then how? The few Singaporeans working with me would lose their jobs! On one hand government now said they would restrict foreigners, on the other hand businesses like mine need workers. How like that?

    1. now u r just talking through ur ass..

      1) how can an increased population be bad for biz? ppl need to eat, no?

      2) like anon @6.35pm said, how much u paying? wat ur working hours? r u an understanding boss or slave driver?

      3)rental and inflation is high - go ask urself who benefits from is in the end and who allowed this to happen in the first place.

      4) i dun understand why u cant operate and open ur shop even if u dont have enough staff?? how many is enough??? 10? 20? 30 staff?? even gordon ramsey in one of his reality shows managed to serve a lunch session in a 20 seater restaurat all by himself. (ONE PERSON) (inside and outside the kitchen, no less!). 2 turns.

      the key is to think about how to automate or make your work process more efficient. or outsource some of your work functions to suppliers etc..

      if you as a biz man is so lazy until u cant think abt how to adapt to the situation then DESERVE to close down. dont just complain. U DONT DESERVE the profit you make. the days where companies make EASY profits by just hiring more ppl and scale up their biz is OVER. WAKE UP.

      if its too hard for u, then just close down. survival of the fittest. you r just too weak sorry. dont come here and whine just becoz you made less $$ than before. u still make $$ isnt it. its just not as MUCH as before...

  4. Tell us how much you paying please

  5. "Singaporeans who only complain and don't realise that foreigners are needed in Singapore"

    so why do we need foreigners?? no rhetoric and motherhood statements pls..