Sunday, May 20, 2012

The By-E in Funny Pictures!

Nothing like funny pictures purposely taken out of context to set the By-E mood.PAP naturally bore the brunt of the jokes since many in the online world just dislike the PAP. Who doesn't? LOL

 Where are you Desmond? Where?

Who said the media is always friendly to the PAP? I suspect that someone from CNA saw this as an opportunity to take a dig at Desmond. Unless someone was really stupid enough to upload it right away without understanding the very loud joke that picture tells, which is hard to believe. So thumbs up to that unknown media guy!

Then the funnier one is this, the "Desmond Choo ignored Ah Huat's handshake" photo spread by Occupy Singapore and TR, from TOC, and then exposed by the famous GE 2006 mee-pok seller Mr Brown as a Fail smear campaign.

Who Pwned Whom?

TOC was so embarrassed by being involved in the fail smear that they issued a statement that the photo by Chan Zhijian, Jeremy did not capture the true picture on the ground. Hmmmm BTW is Chan Zhijian, Jeremy a WP or opposition party member?  LOL

Ooops sorry regret statement

It was a good smear campaign while it lasted and it is part of the political MMA going on - if the referees doesn't call it, a hit below the belt is not a hit below the belt.  LOL BTW also, conspiracy theory disclaimer, were TOC and TR working together on it i.e. TOC selected and quietly handed that photo of Desmond Choo looking aloof and not wanting to shake hands supposedly, to TR? TR and TOC did have an agreement that stuff that TOC got might be shared with TR for TR to push further? LOL that is working together against the common foe.

TOC TRE ad hoc alliance for the common good against common you-know-who enemies LOL


  1. Still got few more days more, more smears coming.

    PAP IB talking about YSL. WP IB talking about Choo's racist and corrupt former MP uncle.

  2. temasek times got report that choo wanted to buy a grandma's vote! choo then promised serious action against the leaker if he made a police report! pap intimidation yet again when truth is leaked!

  3. The Truth Sets FreeMay 22, 2012 at 12:11 PM

    Desmond Choo clarified that it was untrue. So it is one person's word against another. Seah Ee Onn, the man who made that allegation to attack Choo, must make police report if true. If he doesn't back it up with a police report, it looks bad on WP as it is seen as WP supporter smear campaign

  4. The Truth Sets Free
    Anonymous 908 am
    Anonymous 1106 am

    You guys got foresight! More smears over the last 2 days. PAP hitting back at WP with smears and more smears, but most of the smears misfire and land on Desmond's chances of doing well muahahahahahah