Sunday, May 13, 2012

Every Day Party vs Temasek Times - What Next?

 Temasek Times, the latest by idiots for idiot site in the internet this year

There is need for online regulation or at least cold war containment, especially on online idiots. No, I'm not talking about the usual legions of bigots in the internet or their mortal enemies who are just as bad, the thin-skinned jumpy puritans in the internet who think they are complaining about the bigots. I'm talking about tabloid FUD sites like Temasek Times. Temasek Times uncannily reminds me of the pre-outed-I-am-Richard-Wan Temasek Review Emeritus when the cheeky satirical Every Day Party went  toe-to-toe with Temasek Times over Temasek Times' assholeness.

TRE and TT (Temasek Times, not Tony Tan) have the similar foreigner whacking and sex sells tabloid style, and when backed into a corner, whined for vigilantism and police reports. WTF Almost as if the same person from the old TRE is also in the TT, or the people behind TT is shamelessly copying TRE's tabloid formula.

The fun bunch at EDP, and they should stand for GE next time like the Pirate Party in Europe, have done in style and in their stride by giving themselves hero medals for putting up with TT's trash. Stay tuned to see if TT is going to stamp around madly and fall into its self-created chasm like Rumplestiltskin.


  1. I catch no balls.

    WTF are you trying to say?

    1. LOL while each to his own, I'm trying to say that Temasek Times is a site meant for readers who want sensational rumours about sex, scandals, fear and hate disguised as news. For example - rampant rumours of children in malls almost kidnapped by PRC gangs in Singapore - Temasek Times.

  2. that temasek times is run by same nut from wayang party and old temasek review lah. same pattern - the hammering of wp and also plagiarizm (google
    - temasek review plagiarism)