Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poor Silly Choo, Can Change Carrots Can?

Sad silly Desmond Choo, still talking about promises to upgrade Hougang. The very fact that he keeps talking about Hougang needing upgrading means that Hougang has been neglected for upgrading for a very long time already! Self-pwn!

Just yesterday the WP keep parroting the same boring rallying cry that Hougang is not for sale and Hougang residents cannot be bought. Yes, since the more PAP threatenedHougang, the more Hougang resisted and voted for WP instead. They would even vote for Ah Huat, HUAT AH, who does not seem like a strong performer. If he goes to parliament, he sure gets eaten alive as he is not witty like Low Thia Khiang, brains like Sylvia Lim or Chen Show Mao, or articulate like Pritam Singh. But he represents WP and if WP picked him, that means he is OK? OK.

Choo still has not realised that he needs to change tactics. Or maybe he has but people like PM or other old timers like that Rear Admiral told him to play tough, not to act soft like the porridge he is giving out, apparently the Hokkien porridge and not the Teochew muei according to the WP Internet Brigade.

Choo, Choo, tsk tsk, please don't always talk about upgrading and hard concrete and metal facilities for Hougang. It is the soft services that Hougang people can be bought over. Free legal clinic is actually an excellent idea as a start. Free TCM. Free tuition for underprivileged children, although other loyal PAP wards would rightly complain that rebel Hougang got these goodies first instead of them! These are PAP services, not HDB so these types of pork-barrel politics are easier to package and sell. Did you and your PAP grassroots listen to the people when you do your market walks or house visits? Probably not. The PAP just talks, hears but does not discuss, listen.

Choo to lobby for more facilities in Hougang
Published on May 20, 2012

The lack of covered linkways and drop-off points is a source of major inconvenience to Hougang residents and PAP candidate Desmond Choo intends to 'fight very hard' to secure these facilities for them.

Mr Choo, 34, said residents' feedback on the lack of such facilities struck a chord with him.

'If you walk the ground, you will find that a lot of residents are hampered by the fact that there are no linkways, no sheltered drop-off points, really insufficient coverage, causing inconvenience not only to the elderly but young families with kids. 'Try pushing a pram and carrying an umbrella at the same time. It is not easy,' he said.

Mr Choo is also lobbying for a new market to be built in Hougang Avenue 3, to replace the one torn down five years ago. On Saturday, he said he was waiting to hear from the Ministry of National Development on the matter.

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