Thursday, May 24, 2012

PAP is So Screwed

This By-E is quite horrible. All smears, little style, even less substance, hmm unless substance and style relates to how the PAP tries to undermine WP and, how the WP walked into PAP's traps the past few days.

Firstly, it stinks that the PAP is going on, and on, and on about alleged WP dishonesty over Ah Huat's NCMP jostling. There is nothing dishonest. If there is anything, he is a blur fuck to be caught in this distraction. Is there anything wrong that he is against the NCMP scheme? Does it mean he thinks lesser of Sylvia Lim who took up the NCMP post in 2006? No and no. I hope I don't sound like a prissy girl who presses her thighs close together on a first date.

The NCMP nonsense is just political fart. One should just pinch one's nose, frown and walk quickly away. It bears no real relevance to the Hougang By-E, albeit the Secret Squirrel leak by a disgruntled former or current CEC bloke was quite entertaining for a while. Political fart, unless one is a complete idiot more interested in such bullshit and smears than about covered walkways, LUP, selective intake of foreigners as talent and as scholars blablabla. Read Choo Zheng Xi's TOC article (finally, a TOC article worth reading after all the apologetic WP crap by the WP Internet army during this period). BTW, if one is interested in bullshit politics and rumours, just watch the coming Malaysian elections. Its an art up north ever since they brought in the mattress into court, almost like the smearing in US politics. Or if you can't wait that long for an idiot fix, just read Temasek Times and Temasek Review. Remember, remember, whether Ah Huat's was WP's first or last choice as a NCMP in 2011, whether Ah Huat supports or slams the NCMP system, it does not fucking mean shit except that it is PAP distraction in the style of Gomez in 2006.

Secondly, why did WP go there waiting to be pounced by the PAP. Why? Don't go there, don't bother. WP probably saw that it would be damned if they do, damned if they don't respond to the PAP. If they don't respond, the PAP hounds would yelp and bark that WP is trying to hide by being silent. If they do respond, then, they would be dancing to PAP's tune as PAP would nitpick WP's explanations, finding a strawman here and there.

OK maybe a response was expected as there are lots of dumb Singaporeans who think it is a big deal - the same dumb Singaporeans who think YSL or some PAP ministers fucking around has anything to do with their abilities in office, or think that Nicole Seah is much more than a shallow drama diva. Don't dignify the PAP with such a response by the Sec-Gen. Ok, maybe a response by the Chairman (chairperson, power to feministspeak!) someone high up but not that high. Just smile, move on and focus on whatever humdrum local or highbrow national policy debates you think Hougang voters like to hear. If WP has to resort to such explanations on why how what the WP NCMP selection process is about and blur fuck Ah Huat talking about ballot this and ballot that, it is just wasting speech air time. LTK wasted his Tuesday rally time on this NCMP bullshit. Many, me included, know too well the PAP, jealous of WP's popularity and support in Hougang, is just trying to derail WP's already less-than-smooth rallying so far.

I pity Desmond. Not only is he going to lose, his probably genuine claims of a clean fight is being rubbished as his PAP comrades are dirtying the contest for him - using distraction and insinuations. After TCH moves on come 28 May Monday, Desmond is stuck there in Hougang as he promised to and the residents would blame him for the smears his party carried out in his name.

Well, I was initially confident of Desmond's defeat but surprisingly getting 45-40% of the votes. However, with some PAP members thinking it worthwhile to bring up YSL and now hang the NCMP mess around Ah Huat's neck, the rebel scum at Hougang would again be defiant and vote in spite and resistance in favour of Ah Huat. Nevertheless, there is one day more and the last chance for redemption by the PAP, and for spurting ahead instead of losing ground by the WP before cooling off day.


  1. maybe you know who will say sorry.

  2. TCH, please have some class, some dignity.

    Don't go down this route. It's not just plain silly but clearly damages your party brand, and you will not be able recover after this for the big one in 2016.

    So think before you open your mouth to fill up something to say at the election rally.

  3. There is still one trick in the bag for PAP, that to shred crocodile tears on TV since it works for joker lee . It will do wonder, and in the meantime, I buying some baby pacifiers ...

  4. Anonymous 2:40pm
    If they use the crying trick, it is very boring and would backfire up their butts. Only LKY pulled it off back in 65. All the others were stupid copies. Nichole Seah, Lim Boon Heng.

    Anonymous 12:44pm
    He used the PAP doctrine, thinks it would work. Didn't remember that it was what caused PAP to lose Aljunied in 2011.

    Anonymous 10:11am
    YSL would say sorry again! muahahahahahaha

  5. Maybe all the stalwarts from the various opposition parties should show up tonight and offer support to WP. I am not sure from reading the blogs that WP will win handsomely. A narrow win will be deemed a victory by the rulers. So please urge more serious votes. See you in 2016!!!!

  6. Prata Bob,
    tears may do wonder

    look at this scenario,

    Baby desmond is crying profusely.
    Ah Ma and Ah Gong: "AiYo, baby Desmond, so cute so cute. don't cry, don't cry. Grandma and Grandpa love you. Don't cry even if you shit and mess all around. We all love you. so cute so cute".
    Baby desmond: "i will stop crying only if you vote for me"
    Ah Ma and Ah Gong: "anything as long as you stop crying. so cute so cute"

    Prata Bob, does that make you cry too ? LOL

  7. Yes. Desmond's claim is rubbish! Desmond is not his own Man. It is not gentleman fight! It is rumour and smearing campaign! Desmond is over Shadowed by his boss Teo Chee Hean!

  8. He planned the fundraising campaigns himself, and DPM Teo supported him for the Rotary Club. What's wrong with that?

    Also, Png did not say he was disqualified by the CEC for the NCMP. The CEC was set up by the WP themselves. So who betraying who? "Calculated move". Indeed! I say Png has to watch his back, cos he is only a pawn in LTK's eyes.

    Nicole Seah can cry, Desmond Choo can't? Amazing. What do you stand for? Double standards?

    Please lah, before even DPM Teo "attacked", Desmond Choo was smeared all over on FB. I am quite shocked and repelled by the behaviour of some hooligan WP supporters.

    And please do your own homework by asking LTK why he said upgrading not allowed, when LUP was announced by Grace Fu in 2009? Sitting on all the things that Hougang ppl entitled to.