Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shhh Are Some Singaporens...Stupid?

Well most of us are stupid in some things, some can't drive, some can't cook, some can't read, some can't swim, but some are stupid in many things, more so than most of us.

Who are the most stupid are those who see the horrible tragic accident between the Ferrari and the Comfort cab as one solely of a foreigner killing a local. Many in the internet are stupid enough not to see that the accident is a result of an idiot who was probably getting head or getting stroked while driving his Italian horse and was distracted, drunk, or both, and killed the poor cab driver and his equally unlucky Japanese foreign talent passenger. Many are stomping on that idiot dead Ferrari driver because he is an 1) Ah Tiong 2) rich, in that order. There is this prevalent and growing fixation to attack the rich and foreigners as income disparity in Singapore widens and we blame the elite and foreigners for anything.

Come on. The deaths have little to do with the driver's nationality and everything to do with his horrific driving skills and state of mind right there. Was he drunk, sleepy, getting a hand job or a blow job while speeding?

If it was not a foreigner but a local female driver behind the Ferrari wheel, then the mob would blame the accident on gender stereotypes of female drivers. If it was a young adult male, the mob would blame him as an Ah Sia Kia. Rich kids killing blue-collar cabbies. The mob, however, could have been potentially angrier then now over Ma Chi - If the driver of the Ferrari missile was a young rich female ang moh foreign talent. All the age, socio-economic gender and nationality prejudices rolled into one.


  1. Presumably, Singaporeans have been dumbed down by the nation-building mainstream media that try to spin the ferrari idiot as an extremely successful and handsome man who died too young. What a loss to our nation when he was on the verge of applying for PR!

    1. Anonymous 8:22 pm

      Totally correct bro. The stupid media gave their usual oh-oh-the-poor-dead-person was so good and so nice blablabla. Thankfully the video came out and wham bam showed him for the irresponsible dick he was beating the red light at that speed - what at least 150km/h?

      I only regret Ma died so easily. If he lived, his torment is only beginning.

  2. Actually since you broach the subject, the stupidest of all is you.

    Don't you see that this asshole ran a red light and in effect couldn't give a rat's ass for Singapore laws. He acted as if he was still in some middling city where anyone behind a wheel can drive as he likes.

    It is quite unlikely that a Singaporean Ferrari driver would do what he did because we respect our laws.If you know instances where Singaporeans driving high end super cars horrendously killed innocent bystanders as he did, I sure would like to know.

    This was a peaceful, law abiding country before these bastards came in by the planeloads.

    They either kill you, scam you, con you, beat you, rob you or in this instance ram you.

  3. Ma's Ghost

    Let's get this clear first. Ahem. That Ferrari driver is stupid and his actions are horrendous and not to be condoned, and I have zilch sympathy or support for him.

    Now to you.

    LOL I'm not sure if you are joking or you really serious about your sweeping generalisations! People get into fatal and stupid car accidents because someone was dreaming or drunk at the wheel or trying out some fast and furious moves with the car, regardless if it is a supercar or a humble boneshaker. Beating red lights or driving recklessly is not a monopoly of foreigners. They are actions of stupid irresponsible drivers. BTW join the gang, I guess you are also stupid if you didn't realise that and also the unfortunate accidents below involving local drivers! :)
    Show-off driver supposedly and killed passenger
    Drunk driver supposedly and killed passenger
    Another drunk and killed pedestrian

  4. Hammering the foreigners is fun what. They look different, talk funny, some even smelly. Kick them out, I don't need them.

  5. easy to talk big and extreme when you are anonymous? you are just like a mosquito really.