Thursday, January 10, 2013

By-E is Here! Woohoo!

So soon! I thought it would be after Budget when all the angpows are handed out, during the March school holidays and the AIM saga buried. The PAP is instead stormed head-on into this election. Good for them, good for Punggol East SMC voters!

I watched news earlier and Jufrie from CMI SDP said that it was too soon and they were not fully prepared yet. Sounds like clearing their throats and giving excuses that they would back out from this By-E! Well, at least his boss Chee Soon Juan said they were ready for the fight. Desmond Lim the fat dick from also-CMI SDA who did not even get his deposit back in 2011 is confident though that he is surely getting into the brawl. Good for him! Hope he doesn't mind losing his deposit again, and should see it like the $100 fee for locals to enter the casinos and try their luck with the dice.

Is Reform Party walking the talk and also getting into the game? Kenneth seemed less confident than earlier and might also u-turn on his earlier bravado about the high stakes game with PAP and WP.

Is there a point for the opposition parties to talk before nomination day about so-called splitting of anti-PAP votes and thus giving way to WP to stand alone against PAP? WTF IMHO pointless as parties like SDP and RP already committed to the adventure and to back off now is 100% no-balls. May the best party win and this is the start of an experiment in democracy in elections. 

With AIM still stinking, with high COE, high COV, high inflation, high resentment, plus a by-election tactic mindset that Punggol East SMC residents should take advantage of unless they are ignorant voters, the chances of PAP performing better than 2011 are pathetic. Whether WP would win I think is a done deal - they would win, just a matter of how much. Nonetheless, SDP might be the wild card during the rallies if they eventually follow through with their rhetoric about giving Punngol East voters a choice and Vincent submits his papers for nomination. If the PAP decides to stupidly bully SDP with more law suits, public sympathy might swing from both PAP and WP to SDP. Who knows how the plebs think and react?

WP ready to contest by-election: Low Thia Khiang
SINGAPORE - The Workers' party Secretary General Low Thia Khiang says the party is ready to contest the by-election in Punggol East SMC.

Speaking to the media before the start of his Meet-the-People Session this evening, he said the party will announce the candidate in due course but the logistics are ready for the by-election.

When asked about the timing of the by election, Mr Low said that it is good that the prime minister has decided to call a by election as soon as possible.

He said it is fair so that residents of Punggol East SMC can have a representative.

Asked about his party's confidence in contesting the ward, Mr Low said he does not want to speculate on the results but that the party has contested there before and is thankful for the support from voters.

He said the voters have seen what the party can offer and it will be up to them to decide.

He did acknowledge, however, that the PAP has an advantage as the incumbent.

He said so far, there are no plans to have a joint meeting with other opposition parties who have voiced interest to contest. CHANNEL NEWSASIA

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  1. I think it is not a balls thing. If RP or SDP said they would contest, they can then meet with say WP to wring some concessions (divide some territories) from them for the next GE in exchange for not running this one, then they can get something out of it.