Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Local or National Issues?

Punggol East By-Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What issue would Punggol East voters want? What is the demographics there?

Act One is over and the players have made their appearance already. SDP was supposed to get up do their soliloquy but had second thoughts - obviously stage fright or did not prepare despite the claims of RDA pedigree whatever.  Act Two starts from now where the 4 candidates and their party make their rally and off-rally speeches. Act Three would be the contention over imagined and real concerns of not only Punggol East residents, but Singapore as a whole!

Rivervale Plaza works? Transport network? Childcare centres in the neighbourhood? Or inflation? Or COV and the runaway property market? Or low quality of public and high cost of private transport concerns? Healthcare? Education? Foreigners as boon or bane to local SMEs and the economy? Let it roll! Who is going to punch first and set the pace of the fight?

Any Secret Squirrel this time? LOL If yes, disgruntled whistle-blowers, please make the yarn real juicy to make this By-E exciting.

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