Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SDP is Kaput as a Political Party!

Like I said before, SDP would withdraw. The next thing is going to happen if WP loses Punggol East, choy choy I'm not cursing WP BTW, is that SDP Chee Soon Juan will come out, shake his head and point fingers that it was all WP's fault not to cooperate otherwise SDP's MP would have won that SMC! Seriously?

Chee is mad - mad to think that his plan of conning WP into an lopsided alliance with him would work, mad to think that his and SDP's credibility would not be gutted by his limp dick pull-out. Participating in the By-E stubbornly would have won stud accolades from die-hard SDP fanboys. Pulling out after all the bravado, even those same SDP fanboys would be disappointed and frustrated by the about-turn flaccid retreat.  Isn't democracy about giving people choices and isn't that what SDP hyped about?

SDP would surely lose some of its groupies. Even resignations from SDP is expected after this comedy. By lamely going back on its word, it is worse than entering that multi-corner MMA ring. Well done SDP for screwing yourself in the arse, even arse specialist Dr Koh Poh Poon can't save you.

Pullout won't hurt credibility: Chee
Updated 11:51 PM Jan 15, 2013
by Neo Chai Chin

Was the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) genuine in its intention to contest the Punggol East by-election?

If its reason for pulling out of the race was to not dilute the Opposition vote, why not step aside last Saturday after the Workers' Party (WP) rebuffed its overtures to field a joint candidate?

Would the pullout from the race hurt the SDP's credibility?

Fielding these questions from the media yesterday, SDP Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan said the party had been serious about contesting in Punggol East, having done walkabouts and distributed flyers in the ward in the past week.

It even had printed posters - delivered yesterday evening - of its two potential candidates, Dr Vincent Wijeysingha and Dr Paul Ananth Tambyah.

"It was not just a matter of… turning a switch off and on, it was a process we had to go through. We had to weigh out all the pros and cons, and the fact that we had put in already so much work in the constituency," said Dr Chee.

He does not think the shock move will hurt the SDP in future. "If anything, it would signal that we are concerned about the people's voices, the people's views," he said.

Asked to clarify his comments made on Monday that he "knew all along" its unity candidate proposal to the WP would be rebuffed, Dr Chee said he was referring to the period from last Saturday, when the WP had said it had "noted" the SDP's proposal and would offer a choice to voters in Punggol East.

"We could not have known all along, before WP responded, how they would respond. I was referring to Saturday morning after WP made the statement. After that, we had three long days to deliberate on what we were going to do," Dr Chee said.

On the party's plans going forward, Dr Chee said it would continue coming up with policy proposals and explain them to Singaporeans. It will also do ground work and identify potential candidates for the next General Election, due by 2016.


  1. Dont think the publicity stunt will hurt SDP too much. Based on the 'positive' response from its pullout, it seems that it much just work for SDP. Singaporeans will remember in 2016 that SDP made the 'sacrifice' by not contesting in Punggol.
    If you ask me, its a cheeky move. Quite shrewd since its a win-win scenario.

    1. It surely a win-win situation. Now that SDP has pulled up, WP win in not having too much vote dilution of which SDP is biggest culprit, and Dr Chee also win with deserving title as "Clown of Punggol" . Really win-win, cheers !

  2. Please bury your head in the prata flour. That's what idiots like you should do.

  3. I like to believe that it is possible to persuade when you have sensible proposals for hot ticket issues. Maybe, SDP is thinking in those terms. All political parties have a basic right to contest any elections eligible. Those calling this or that party NOT to join the fray is being unrealistic- as far as a BE is concerned. Now, a GE is a totally different kettle of fish altogether. That's where parties can try to work out a mutually beneficial pre-election agreement, much like the pre-nuptial agreements not uncommon in the west, to tackle the incumbent party, esp. when they are much small in size, influence and resources in comparison to the latter. It makes sense to unite against a bigger political foe. Political exigency and contingency point to that course. Didn't the communists and the KuoMinTang joined forces to fight the Japanese in WW2?

    So don't flap at the side shows! Politics do make strange bedfellows!

  4. Anonymous 1:42pm
    I think it would stick, like Chee's mad dog rant at Goh Chok Tong in 2001, or his hunger strike in 1993, or his role in kicking out of CST, or his flirtation with foreign government and NGOs for support since he can't get that much local support. Whatever Vincent Wijjy gained for SDP since 2011, poof! Turned into smoke coz of Chee's publicity antics and leadership.

  5. Anonymous 3:25pm
    Clown of Punggol is too modest - he deserves to be clown of Singapore politics! Say what we want though, this clown knows how to get attention and publicity wearing that three point gaudy hat with bells at the ends.

  6. Anonymous 2:16pm
    Oi SDP IB, can try better than that? Your SDP Chee is the bigger idiot.

  7. Anonymous 3:08pm
    Yes, all parties should join the fray as this is a democracy. As KJ said, no chope-ing of GRC or SMC seats and this is a free for all, a free market competition of ideas and politics. SDP should walk the talk and fight. Unfortunately, their withdrawal means we can settle once and for all which party in Singapore are champs and chumps. RP to their credit, KJ is not a dumb fuck regardless of his drawl, has the balls to show that he is ready to give as good as he gets.

  8. I would really like to hear KJ 'plead' his case with the voters of PE. I agree he needs all the exposure he could muster before GE2016.