Friday, January 25, 2013

Will WP Get a Black Eye?

In 2011, WP won Aljunied because they were so close in 2006, Low Thia Khiang was leading from the front in Aljunied GRC, and WP had underdog status in the GE. In Hougang BE, it was WP homeground and HQ, no way PAP could penetrate it and turn it from Blue to White. Punggol East 2013 is different. Much different.

WP's is not really an underdog in this By-E.  Some ways yes, others, no. The underdogs in the internet are PAP (gasp, believe it), RP (yup) and SDA (super yup) in no particular order. PAP, RP and SDA are all so poor thing and pathetic in their own self-pwn ways. Anyway, people like to support the underdog. Especially when the underdog is made fun of. Png Eng Huat, HUAT AH, crossed the imaginary civil line that WP never crossed before by making fun of Dr Arse's name, saying that the Dr would "Koon" or sleep. Not sure if he meant sleep like Palmer sleep around or Ah Teo "sleep" on stage on first day of PAP rally. Orrrrrrr BTW we nobodies can mock Dr Arse. Not a politician on stage, don't stoop so low like the PAP like when they mocked a politician's O level grades.

I don't have problems with WP arrogance or not, accusations hurled from its jealous fellow opposition party critics. WP is leading and they can do what they want strategically in an election as they are their own captains of their political destiny. All these pleas by other parties about unity and whatfuck is just trying to hitchhike on WP's success so far. Spineless freeloaders IMHO.

However, I do have doubts about WP's intellectual clout to see through its policy reforms.WP has been quite convincing on its promise to moderate immigration and having foreigners here as long as they benefit Singapore. The devil is however in the details and WP has not shared what these little nitty gritty criteria are for allowing foreigners in.

Similarly, their policies on housing and transport, I'm not so swayed. Pritam Singh is as usual a powerful orator on stage but his views on housing and the stress on supply is simplistic, assuming it reflects WP high command's thinking. The cooling measures, 7 in total, are not meant to shock the market and bring prices down. Bringing prices down drastically would piss off investors and the construction industry, although buyers would be happy. BTW construction is mostly keeping Singapore from falling into recession. The cooling measures are to slow down the increase in property prices. Killer measures to bring down prices are dead easy but politically costly. Would WP dare to push for a policy that MAS should somehow jack up interest rates to 4-5% to kill off demand for property, and thus push property prices down? And if interest rates go up, how would it affect SME borrowing to survive in this uncertain economy?

I don't doubt WP's heart. I doubt their head. I don't doubt PAP's head. I doubt their heart.

All this said and done. I think WP might lose this BE simply because at the end of the 3rd and final rally, WP did not lead the audience there in reciting the pledge! They broke that special special tradition and therefore will break their winning streak. I pantang. WP should too.


  1. LTK only wants to check the ruling party's power and help the ruling party to do better. He shows no interest in wanting to provide an alternative government.

  2. Just and ordinary watcher of the Singapore scene.It is quite clear that, as of now, the WP does not have the intellectual depth to tackle national issues like the SDP OR KJ or independent thinkers like Mr. Yeoh, the former GIC chief economist. That is why they concentrate on municipal issues. It has worked so far for them but the time has srrived when voters look for more. I read that they now have Prof. Goh and two other lawyers in their ranks.They do not have a lot of time to strengthen. GE 2016 is not that far away.

  3. If Punggol voters are concerned with municipal issues, which is a valid concern, WP would win. If they are unhappy with COV and COE, WP would win. But it is close fight as WP is showing they not that strong this time. GE 2016, WP will falter.

  4. Anonymous 10:43
    No interest in wanting to provide an alternative government...YET. WP needs time to be a shadow government, yes, but they didn't say when, that is the commitment or bait they dare not take. Which would always be their Achilles Heel.

    Anonymous 10:52
    With every election, WP gets more recruits. Those new blood you mentioned can only be good for WP in 2016.

    Anonymous 12:13
    WP still can win, if voters voted with their hearts, despite my pantang of no WP pledge. If voters voted with their heads...

  5. Let's give WP a break. When you are small, there is only so much you can do. Resources need to be put into the best use where maximum effects can be reaped. It's 6 vs 80+, totally looped sided battle. It's like asking a Section of soldiers to charge at a Company minus enemies. There is no logic to it.
    let's not behave like PAP, everything wants fast, quick and see where they get you, problems, and more problems.

  6. For goodness sake, WP does not Have the entire civil service at their disposal or access to information to craft very detailed policies. What do you expect 7 person to do? And at the same time run town council and attend mtp sessions? Perhaps promote Chen Show Mao as a cabinet minister and see If he can come up with detailed policies. Remember WP is only MP. Just like Tin Pei Ling. WP has brought up numerous issues during Parliament.

  7. Don't fall into Pap's trick and keep saying WP has not crafted policies. They are mere MP. Remember our late President? Our civil service tells hI'm they need 57 years to tell him how much reserves Singapore has. And WP doesn't even Have the civil service to get important statistics to craft policies. Not even in 57 years.

    1. What is mere MP, $16,000 a month allowance and not even questioning the Minister on the safety issues in the SAF...Are they humans...also.

  8. Ironic that you write of the intellectual clout of WP. The party has never pretended they are intellectuals. Rather they are politicians of the people.

    The PAP has preened itself on having intellect. And look at the mess these intellectuals have gotten us into. These so-called bright sparks were not even aware one would need to provide the infrastructure for millions of extra people. It's like inviting thousands of guests to a party and then providing food for just a fraction. Got brain or not?

  9. WP and its supporters must stop giving excuses that it does not have resources to deal with studies on alternative policies. The WP MPs just have to say they understand the trade-offs in policy making but in the end, more for X and less for Y. For example, the balanced immigration policy WP proposed by itself is a good idea, just have to take one more step and say, retail, healthcare and service industries e.g. FnB, shops, should have more foreigners while banking and finance, media and creative sectors should have stricter quota. SDP for its many faults, at least dared to come up with a controversial public housing policy.

  10. Is there a special arrangement for the new candidates, from NUS, to join the political party like WP, without resigning like SL or kena sack like CSJ/John Tay

    Is there a special relationship that the WP has, that is still underwrap..

  11. WP black eye? people(PE) spoken and have the last laugh.
    don't be an arrogant like pap yayapapaya

  12. Would WP dare to push for a policy that MAS should somehow jack up interest rates to 4-5% to kill off demand for property, and thus push property prices down?

    MAS do NOT & control interest rates in singapore.
    NOT in this modern GLOBALISED world.

    yes.interest rates may one day go up to 3-4%.
    amidst a global liquidity crunch.

    do u know how a liquidity crunch will come about??