Saturday, January 19, 2013

From Death Threats to Hope Family Action

Kenneth Jeyaretnam blazed away with complaints about a death threat to his son! WTF! You know who the death threater was ???? It is that stupid parody troll, SMRT (Feedback)! Facepalm. KJ is the son of JBJ and he contested in court to stop Singapore's $4 billion loan to the IMF as he interpreted it as unconstitutional. Still, all that comes to nothing with his petty quarrel with a well known retard troll and interpretation of that trolling as a death threat. BTW I hope police arrest that troll! Oh! Desmond Lim the other small-timer candidate in this By-E also said he received intimidating calls! Being threatened to gain sympathy and votes? Come on KJ and Desmond Lim, you guys can come up with better political stunts? At least provoke them and then be threatened with a lawsuit from them!

KJ Threatened his own Campaign Instead!

Unless what KJ is going to next is after making the police report on the so-called death threat, he will raise a copy of the police report during his rally speech and repeat his father's infamous line "And now I have here in my hands a police report"! If he does that...

While KJ shot himself with a badly executed election stunt to gain sympathy votes, PAP shot first with a lukewarm rally on Friday night. The crowd at the rally was not huge, maybe a few hundred people, and thinned even more when it began to drizzle.

The most impressive thing about the first PAP salvo was that they catered to the hearing-impaired audience, OK the deaf, can I say the word "deaf" instead of these meaningless empty political correct words? OK the other impressive thing was that Dr Arse Koh like DPM Ah Teo before him, delivered speeches in Malay. Right away the Malay votes goes to them for effort. And fuck, I know my Malay accent when I hear it, Ah Teo's Malay was better sounding than Nicole's Malay speech back in GE 2011.

Besides the form of sign language interpretation and Malay language speeches, let's give it to PAP, Dr Arse speech was so-so and kinda lame in content IMHO although his delivery was not bad. He talked that he was a Punggol boy, yawn, and that he was going to build childcare centres, coffee shops, look into feeder bus services, start a job placement centre, and Rivervale Plaza would be up by July. Plus his slogan of Hope Family and Action. All are important BTW but zzzzzzzz Errr OK, so what the fuck did Palmer do after he won in GE 2011? So what makes Punggol residents think this Dr who just popped into the scene would make a difference if another old bird PAP MP with his supposed PAP insider connections did not meet the needs of Punggol residents? Punggol residents would try someone new right?

WP you are up next. Don't disappoint and be complacent as you allowed the PAP to start first. The PAP candidate fired the first shot with local municipal concerns. Are you going to match it plan for plan, or try to regain the lost initiative and surprise Punngol and the rest of us with a with a different and bold theme. Go for WP kindergartens and clinics?

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