Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WP's HQ Donation Drive

I only know of 2 parties which have big party offices - PAP and PKMS. How they got their windfall to buy property only heaven knows.

WP is now confidently considering expansion. They did not say where their future HQ would be, but knowing WP, it would be prudent for image and for economy, maybe somewhere in Hougang. I doubt they would get a Dhoby Ghaut office space like that megalomaniac Tan Jee Say. So if you want see WP thrive, please donate to the guys in blue, don't be shy!

The thing is whether it is a good time to buy commercial property at this time when property market is very bullish, instead of when there is a correction.

SINGAPORE - The Workers' Party (WP) is hoping to raise S$1 million through public donations to buy its own headquarters because it finds its current rented office along Syed Alwi Road too small.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of Bricks in Blue, a musical concert it staged yesterday, party Chairman Sylvia Lim said: "The rentals that we're (paying) ... are always subject to market forces and will increase over time - as you know, the property market is very buoyant when it comes to rental - so that is also part of our consideration."

Owning an asset will also mean the WP may sublet part of it to "make ourselves more self-sufficient", the Member of Parliament for Aljunied Group Representation Constituency added.

Ms Lim said that about one-third of the S$1.5 million the party expects will be needed for the downpayment of the property has been raised since the general election last year, through monthly S$1,000 contributions from the party's elected Members of Parliament and private donations from friends and acquaintances. The balance of the purchase price will be financed through a loan, Ms Lim said.

While the party has yet to find a suitable property, Ms Lim said that they are hoping to secure a two-storey shophouse unit. SHARON SEE


  1. You may be too young to remember that years ago the PAP was reported to have purchased its HQ in cash.The sum was quite substantial and even then it appeared to be flush with cash.

  2. That's because PAP owns companies like AIM.

  3. If the PAP is the wolf, then WP is the wolf in sheep clothing. If supporting PAP means being kicked in the left butt, supporting WP is letting yourself to be kicked in the right butt. So no, I don't want to see WP thrives. I prefer a more gentlemanly opposition party, not a thug who hides behind a smile.

  4. Anonymous 1:30pm
    So which is the "more gentlemanly opposition party", please enlighten us!

    Anonymous 12:58pm

    Anonymous 8:55am
    Really? How did they get the money? Donations from whom? More questions! At least we know CMI PKMS got their money from UMNO, as a curious UMNO relic in Singapore after 1965.