Saturday, January 12, 2013

SDP Shows its Stupid Cards in the By-E Poker

Unfuckingbelievable. SDP was both cock and crazy enough to suggest this absurd joint proposal to WP as a spirit of cooperation of win-win in the approaching By-E. Yeah, right. SDP would offer its candidate instead, suggesting that its man is more capable as a political icon than anyone WP can propose.If the coalition wins the By-E, WP can run the town council, suggesting that WP can do the heavy lifting afterwards while SDP dumps Punggol East voters after the initial courtship and fling. Are SDP and Chee Soon Juan snakes or not you think? Hisssssssss

SDP thinks its proposal is reasonable and clever. SDP is deluded that it is in the spirit of gentlemanly cooperation. SDP has been whining that it sent letters to WP to open up cooperation. Really, with these sort of proposals and conditions, what do you think WP would do - of course reject it as any political party with dignity would do. SDP then thinking itself smart would later say that WP rejected a perfectly honest and friendly proposal that was beneficial to Singaporeans. Oh SDP and Chee Soon Juan, what big fucking bullshit you have!

This is all a SDP farce and when nomination day comes and no SDP candidate steps forward, you bet that shameless SDP would give the excuse that for the benefit of Singaporeans and with a heavy heart, they decided to generously bow out and let WP take on PAP. WTF. And if, if, if, WP loses Punggol East, SDP would then sadly say that WP should have listened and allowed SDP to use their man. Facepalm.

Hopeless SDP should just shut the fuck up and  take part in the By-E. They are always yelping about democracy this, diversity that, freedom of choice for citizens this and level political playing field that. So why don't they man up, and let the people choose on the 26th. If they are so confident of their popularity and prowess, they would be cock-sure about their victory in this By-E, and there is no need for this song and dance courtship of WP.

SDP proposes joint campaign with Workers' Party

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has proposed that it run a joint campaign with the Workers' Party (WP) in the Punggol East by-election.

"In the spirit of compromise and cooperation, we would like to propose that our two parties run a joint campaign and field one candidate from the SDP. If victorious, the SDP candidate will enter Parliament and the WP will run the Punggol East Town Council," said SDP Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan.

He termed it a "win-win-win situation" where there would be another seat for the Opposition in Parliament and it would lay the ground for "bigger Opposition representation" in the next General Election.

Dr Chee noted that the WP would have "added clout" in their Town Council management and the SDP would have the opportunity to "table and debate the Government on our alternative policies".

The SDP has emailed the WP on the proposal and sought a meeting with them tomorrow, he said, adding that this was the "answer" to preventing a three-corner fight.

"I assure you, we are very serious about contesting in this by-election. Our campaigning started way before the by-election was called," he added.

Separately, the Singapore People's Party, citing erroneous media reports, has issued a statement to reiterate that it will not be contesting in the Punggol East by-election.


  1. Shall we callhim Chee BXI

  2. What help does 1 more seat means to WP? nothing at all except for "chomp" place only.

    SDP just need to get more air time till 2016 to sell their solutions (funny only SDP is active in this aspects)

  3. SDP not taking this election seriously. It is just an opportunity to profile itself, and as its one of its SDP members James Gomez might say, the "politics of profiling". How serious can this proposal be? SDP member in parliament collecting MP allowance but WP run the daily mundane town council? This idea is not creative, it is nonsense and insults WP.

  4. CSJ is a PAP plant. How and why else would he suggest something so stupid to sabo SDP.

  5. Anonymous 5:16am
    Quite rude, but appropriate, can!

    Anonymous 11:03am
    One more seat for WP means saving that SMC from turning into part of Marine Parade GRC in 2016, and one step closer for WP to form a proper Shadow government in parliament.

    Insulted WP, SDP supporters and Punggol residents.

    Anonymous 12:02am
    He is not a plan. He is just a clown, doing this to entertain and market his circus. Pity the genuine do-gooders like Vincent Wiggy, regardless if we agree or disagree with their politics.